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Product Name:

Human ERAS Primer Pair

Product Type : RT-PCR Primers
Code : CSB-PP139711h
Size :
Abbreviation : ERAS
Storage : The Primer Pair is stable for up to one year at -20° C in a non-frost free freezer. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Relevance : Human ERAS Primer Pair for RT-PCR (reverse transcription followed by polymerase chain reaction) analysis of mRNA expression.
Tested Applications : RT-PCR
Quality Control : Primer Pairs for RT-PCR provide convenient primers for analyzing the expression of specific mRNAs or got specific PCR fragment by RT-PCR. Each Primer Pair includes a 5´ and 3´ oligonucleotide primer provided in individual vials at 50μM ready for addition to the amplification reaction. The Primer Pairs have been confirmed in two-step conventional RT-PCR using human esophageal carcinoma EC109 cells or human gastric cancer HGC-27 cells total RNA. PCR products from the use of the Primer Pairs have been sequence-confirmed for appropriate.
Technical Hints : • Thaw all reagents completely on ice before use. • Use either random primers or oligo (dT) for reverse transcription. • All PCR reactions should be assembled on ice. • The recommended annealing
Target Names : ERAS
Accession NO. : NM_181532
Length/Coupling Ratio : 816bp
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