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2010-07-08   |    Drawing Method of Elisa Standard Curve


The standard curve method
Can use a variety of graphics software to draw the evil ELISA standard curve , the following in order to "Curve Exert1.3" software , for example, draw the ELISA standard curve is as follows ;
1 Start "Curve Expert1.3" (Curve Expert1.3 free download . zip)
2 . X -axis the OD values of input standard , Y -axis input values corresponding to the concentration , as shown :
3 . Click [ Run ]Button , the following dialog box appears
4 . Click [ok] button, the following two dialog boxes to close a dialog box below
5 . In the upper right corner of the dialog box the name of some curves , from "1 "Start menu, then curve name will appear in the lower right corner of the corresponding fitting curves .
6 . According to the fitting curve select the best fitting curve of ELISA double click the dialog box appears as follows :
Note: The selection coefficient (the "r" value) the best curve equation for computing . In the following dialog box
The upper right corner with "r" value When the "r" value closer to 1 the better fitting
7 . Press [Ctrl] key + [L] key, the following dialog box appears :
8 . Enter the standard OD values , click [Calculate] press shy , you can get the actual content of the target protein . ( N -fold diluted samples , calculate the value should be into a N).
9 . If want ELISA curve fitting equation, the space in step 6, right-click the dialog box , select the "Information"
10 . get the following dialog box : Click "Copy"
You need to paste in the location of the data can be obtained as follows :
Rational Function: y = (a + bx) / (1 + cx + dx ^ 2)
Coefficient Data:
a = -21.531017
b = 212.05019
c = -0.24054479
d = 0.018060778

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