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2011-11-21   |    Two daysí» tour for Jiuwanxi Drifting and three gorges falls


In the dawn ofAugust 20, we set out to the so-calledí▒ men laugh all the way, women scream all the wayí▒ jiuwanxi to drift under companyí»s organization. We were so excited in the tour bus, everyone competed to perform his "stunt" in the limited space, singing, joking... ... laughing and singing flied along the way,
We arrived in yichang at 12 o clock, no time to rest, we continued our journey to the destination jiuwanxi after lunch. High altitude andcranky mountain road let us expect e trip. I cried in my heartí▒ jiuwanxi, wait for me, Ií»m coming!í▒
The jiuwanxi scenic spot is located in the south of the Yangtze River Xiling Gorge zigui county, yichang,. Jiuwanxi passes through the high canyon, beach pool of priorities is linked together, n, we arrived at í░World first drifting at 3 PM.
So many people came to drift here. Ití»s called the world first drifting, which really deserves its reputation. We were all eager to drift. two people sit in one yacht for the drifting. We put on life jackets, wore a helmet, and armed ourselves our  adventurous drifting started . there was a burst of scream aloud. When we passed the dangerous shoal, The ladies shouted during the drifting, it like to shout out the unhappiness and sadness from the heart. After that, it went smoothly.
After the dangerous shoal , there is the quiet  water, which is the rest places for tourists. The local villagers on the beach helped us to dock at the side, and turn over the canoe, and passed us a cup of hot ginger water, ah! Warm, and excellent The boys sat on the rock, and lit a cigarette leisurely. You can also eat the villagers í» barbecued snacks, eating, drinking, and enjoying the beauty of nature. The beautiful scenery along the way was a beautiful paradise on earth, which made people enjoy themselves so much as to forget to leave. 2 hours of drifting passed so quickly, we landed on shore with a happy mood and a nostalgia. We took a bath and had meals in a hotel in the scenic spot, and went back to yichangat night.
We continued our trip after breakfast the next morning,and then prepared to Three Gorges Great Falls.
We took a sightseeing car from the gate into the scenic spot along the road to enjoy the beautiful scenery. On either side of the road are the rolling hills and clear water. There were so many beautiful sceneries that we couldní»t attend to visit them.There are 20 scenic spots like Cambrian conodont gobbledygook, five Peach Longevity, turtle welcome, wonderful with the earth, the earth ring and so on, each with a beautiful legend. While we were intoxicated with the the roadside scenes, there was a thundering sound. Followed by the sound, we saw a huge waterfall falling down the bottom. This is the three gorges great falls!! To be closer, we saw the waterfall rush down the bottom. We Stand on the stage to enjoy the waterfalls, glittering and translucent water fall on your face,your body, just like the spring breeze strokes, and make us feel the special gentleness of the BaiGuoShu waterfall. There is a cloister behind the waterfall on the foot of the mountain embedded in the rocks. We put on the raincoat, and walked through the waterfall, experiencing that kind of bullets-style "attack", feeling that we had been itegrated with the waterfall completely. Returning from the other side of the stream channel, that was another way of new landscape. The three gorges great fallsí» overall length is 5 km, and there are many other waterfalls different in size , shape, and water flow. Some are too deep to see the bottom, and some so clear that you can see the bottom easily. Each place is the bright color landscape painting and is favored by photographers.
We stepped on the return bus unwillingly, attachedly and satisfiedly  Thanks for giving me a harmonious family in the company, I feel the warmth and power. Thanks for the help and encouragement from the teammates, it makes me move forward in the team.

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