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2011-11-23   |    Traveling to Hainan


In the early spring, the company organized  the outstanding people to travel’s difficult to express my excitement, Iimagined the scene of facing the sea.
The most beautiful sunshine sprinkled in the sea, shimmering like the South China sea girl quivering her skirt slowly. It was my  first time to see the sea, I couldn’t help rushing to its arms immediately, and galloping on the yacht which was like to fly. We stood on the beach, let the waves dash against the feet, the rolling waves and high cheers made us exclaim the heroic of the nature.
Ultima Thule,a romantic holy land,  we stepped on the white sand to see the clouds scuding across, the slight breeze blowing in across the sea, looking at the distant sky-line, the mind was suddenly enlightened. When tired, we laid on the beach under the palm forest,  blowing the sea breeze, listening to the sea waves, and seeing thick leaves, how nice the life is! Far away from the noisy city ,  tourists enjoyed themselves here, what    won’t let it go when you come here?
Coming to Nanshan, you can’t miss 108 meters high of three sides Goddess of Mercy  like a body standing in the sea, looking at the Coconut Grove beach, the sacred feelingborn naturally, Goddess of Mercy knows all the world suffering so that she does salvation mercifully. I made a wish silently, wish all who love me and I love to be well.
When the sun  dipped down, everything around seemed to still, the wind stopped, and the waves calmed down we sat on the sightseeing bus The building around was not very large, , the breeze mixed with moisture and the flavor of coconut leaves greeted us softly. As night fell, the seaside nightlife started . Thebeach presents another lively bustling scene at night, neon signs, open bar, noisy sound actually made our inland people envious. Having seafood dinner at the beach, listening to the sound waves in the sea at night, while intoxicated voice heard from my colleagues, we were impressed by the beauty of the night, and enjoyed singing along with the sea, the open-air KTV also did another kind of flavor in this environment.
stepping on the plane again, I calmed down and relaxed but still missed the lazy sunbathing, the blue sky and sea, the salty sea breeze and flower skirt flying with the wind.

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