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2011-11-23   |    Travel to Three Gorges


On May 7, 2010 to May 9, 2010, our staff and part of family members had a tour to one of The top ten China scenic spots  Three Gorges, and had a happy holiday.
We set out from our company by bus in the noon of May 7th , and arrived at the destination at night. The tour guide thought we must be very tired and arranged us to rest in the hotel, but we all would like to  enjoy the beautiful night  scene  of the Three Gorges and taste various snacks in high spirits. .
The travel is relatively tight in the next day. We visited Three Gorges Dam in the morning, As the worlds largest water control project, Three Gorges Dam not only shows its great scale but also its function. Many of its engineering design specifications have broken the world record of water projects, with a great flood control  function, it has brought great economic benefits. we visit Three Gorges people in the afternoon. After visiting the great dam and the beautiful scene. We visited therange upon range of mountains,and cliffs and also experienced different nationalities of Three Gorges  and folk customs in different areas. The melodious chime sound and versatile performances made us relaxed and happy; The unique Tujia marriage customs made us feel mysterious ¡­¡­
The main tourist site is the happy valley in the morning of the third day. The trip was relatively relaxed, but quite funny. Not only did we visit the grotesque, mysterious wonders of Three Gorges - karst cave (Longquan Cave), but also experienced the yacht surfing, some brave colleagues also challenged some challenging, stimulating projects like bungee jumping, canyon swing, high-altitude strop and so on. We set off from yichang at noon, and returned back to the company safely at five o clock in the afternoon.
Three days of travel is not long but rewarding. We not only enjoyed the beautiful scenery of three gorges, but also experienced three gorges¡¯ traditional interesting folkway and folk custom, and our people also showed a positive spirit.


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