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2011-11-24   |    Two days’ trip to Yichang


Early morning, we set off for Jiuwanxi to drift  and the three gorges great falls at sunrise. We were all excited, although it was a little bit hot.. The colleagues competed to show their versatilities, laughter and applause all along the way.

We reached Zigui at noon, where is the hometown of Wangzhaojun, one of the four most beautiful women in Chinese history. It is said that on the way when wangzhaojun left her hometown, she saw some wild geese flying far away, which reminded her endless homesickness. She couldn’t help to playing the  string, the flock of wild geese heard the tweedle, seeing  her beautiful looks, even forgettingo shake their wings, then fell off, therefore wangzhaojun got the laudatory name called as  " wild goose fall".Married to the foreign lands,Wangzhaoju was always dreaming about the beautiful scene of the hometown.

Leaving Zigui we  droveto the depths of the mountain. Towering cliffs were all  around. The car drove on the steep winding roads carefully, you would be in certain pieces if you fell down inattentively. Looking out of the window, you saw the picturesque mountains, and the pleasant green intoxicated your heart straightly. The breeze blowed, and trees swayed, as if they were saying hello to us:welcome,welcome……

"the first drift" Jiuwanxi showed in the front of us unconsciously. We couldn’t help to be so excited, and equipped well  quickly. Dozens of double boats flowed down the river instantly. There was a rapid at the beginning, and water sprayed up to our faces.         the boat was filled with water, clothes and shoes were all wet, we were so cold. There was a quiet stream after the rapids, looked back the following colleagues screamed. How adventurous! We paddled the boat, enjoying the scenery along the way. There were a continuous stretch of steep mountains on both sides. Looked from afar, the mountains were misty, hazy and dreamlike. Looked at closely, the mountains stand  with natural scenery and great momentum, and made people feel the charm of nature gods. There were a series of dangerous shoals after calm, which made us difficult to breath. wave splashed one by one, our boat was like a piece of leaf in the waves, shaking ups and downs, almost out of control. the sound of water, the cries of men, and the screams of women is good to illustrate the saying "men laugh, women scream"!
Nearly three hours of thrilling journey ended, the guys were tired, but still fascinated. They talked with each other about their feelings and what had happened during their drifting.
After The stimulating drifting, we visited  the Three Gorges Falls. The baiguoshu waterfall is 102 meters high, and nearly 80 meters  width, which is very spectacular. Looking from afar , you couldn’t help to reminding of the poem from Libai “  The waters cascade down from three thousand chi above, like the heavens silver river dropping from the top.” I looked up, the waterfall was just like falling down from the heaven. It looked like a landscape painting. . The waves with the wind was like mists, hitting on the rocks and was scattered, the whole gorges  was wrapped in mist,  And looked mysterious. The clever craftsmen dug out a path under the waterfall. The tourists wearing the raincoats passed through the waterfall from the path , the water falling on our body  like pearls scattered on the body, which made us feel the bold and magnificence of the waterfall. Screams  echoed in the mountains, there is nothing better than that to relax. The work fatigue disappeared in such beautiful scenery, leaving a string of smell.
We were so unwilling to get back, reluctant to leave the towering mountains, the breathtaking drift, and the simple folk custom.

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