Human Superoxide dismutase [Mn], mitochondrial (SOD2) ELISA kit

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Size 96T,5×96T,10×96T
Trial Size 24T ELISA kits trial application
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Target Name superoxide dismutase 2, mitochondrial
Alternative Names Indophenoloxidase B ELISA Kit; IPO B ELISA Kit; IPOB ELISA Kit; Manganese containing superoxide dismutase ELISA Kit; Manganese SOD ELISA Kit; Manganese superoxide dismutase ELISA Kit; Mangano superoxide dismutase ELISA Kit; Mn SOD ELISA Kit; Mn superoxide dismutase ELISA Kit; MNSOD ELISA Kit; MVCD6 ELISA Kit; SOD 2 ELISA Kit; SOD2 ELISA Kit; SODM_HUMAN ELISA Kit; Superoxide dismutase [Mn] mitochondrial ELISA Kit; Superoxide dismutase [Mn], mitochondrial ELISA Kit; Superoxide dismutase 2 mitochondrial ELISA Kit
Abbreviation SOD2
Uniprot No. P04179
Species Homo sapiens (Human)
Sample Types serum, plasma, cell culture supernates, cell lysates, tissue homogenates
Detection Range 15.6 pg/mL-1000 pg/mL
Sensitivity 3.9 pg/mL
Assay Time 1-5h
Sample Volume 50-100ul
Detection Wavelength 450 nm
Research Area Metabolism
Assay Principle quantitative
Measurement Sandwich
Intra-assay Precision (Precision within an assay): CV%<8%
Three samples of known concentration were tested twenty times on one plate to assess.
Inter-assay Precision (Precision between assays): CV%<10%
Three samples of known concentration were tested in twenty assays to assess.
To assess the linearity of the assay, samples were spiked with high concentrations of human SOD2 in various matrices and diluted with the Sample Diluent to produce samples with values within the dynamic range of the assay.
1:200Average %88
Range %80-92
1:400Average %95
Range %91-100
1:800Average %100
Range %90-110
1:1600Average %93
Range %86-98
The recovery of human SOD2 spiked to levels throughout the range of the assay in various matrices was evaluated. Samples were diluted prior to assay as directed in the Sample Preparation section.
Sample TypeAverage % RecoveryRange
Serum (n=5) 9489-98
EDTA plasma (n=4)9390-100
Typical Data
These standard curves are provided for demonstration only. A standard curve should be generated for each set of samples assayed.
10002.248 2.152 2.200 2.107
5001.967 1.890 1.929 1.836
2501.685 1.604 1.645 1.552
1251.334 1.319 1.327 1.234
62.50.925 0.904 0.915 0.822
31.20.629 0.590 0.610 0.517
15.60.277 0.269 0.273 0.180
00.096 0.090 0.093  
ELISA Data Analysis Watch ELISA data processing video & download Curve Expert if needed
and FAQs
Storage Store at 2-8°C. Please refer to protocol.
Lead Time 3-5 working days

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Target Background

(From Uniprot)
Destroys superoxide anion radicals which are normally produced within the cells and which are toxic to biological systems.
Gene References into Functions
  1. Mn-SOD V allele carries a worse outcome profile after stroke, relating to nitrosative stress, inflammatory, and apoptotic response and associated with a BDNF reduction. PMID: 30150066
  2. Master athletes had lower levels of miR-7, while mRNA or protein levels of SIRT3, SIRT1, SOD2, and FOXO1 levels were significantly higher in the vastus lateralis muscle of master athletes compared to muscles of age-matched controls. PMID: 30107294
  3. These findings revealed the role of forkhead box M1 upregulation by manganese superoxide dismutase overexpression in maintaining lung cancer stem-like cell properties. Therefore, inhibition of forkhead box M1 upregulation by manganese superoxide dismutase overexpression may represent an effective therapeutic strategy for non-small cell lung cancer. PMID: 30111255
  4. genetic association studies in population of men in Brazil: Data suggest that an SNP in SOD2 (rs4880, Val16Ala) is associated with sperm quality and male infertility in the population studied; lipid peroxidation appears higher in homozygous versus heterozygous sperm samples. PMID: 28658993
  5. High SOD2 expression can be predictive of a poor clinical outcome and be clinically useful in the follow-up of metastatic Renal cell carcinoma (RCC). Therapeutics for metastatic RCCs require further improvement, such as supplementary administration of agents targeting mitochondrial SOD2 PMID: 29914010
  6. Low SOD2 expression is associated with childhood obesity. PMID: 29953407
  7. GLUT1 ectopic overexpression makes PCa cells more resistant to glucose deprivation and oxidative stress-induced cell death. Under glucose deprivation, GLUT1 overexpressing PCa cells sustains mitochondrial SOD2 activity, compromised after glucose removal, and significantly increases reduced glutathione (GSH) PMID: 29684818
  8. Dual presence of the SOD2 Ala16Val TT variant among mother-father pairs was associated with an increased risk of pre-eclampsia when compared with the absence of the TT variant among the mother-father pairs. The SOD2 Ala16Val SNP might be involved in paternal influence on the maternal predisposition to pre-eclampsia. PMID: 29745991
  9. These findings uncover a novel role for SOD2 in regulating RIG-I-like receptor -mediated antiviral innate immune signaling. PMID: 28574756
  10. Diabetic ESRD carriers of CC genotype of SOD2 exon 2 had an increased risk of mortality. PMID: 27925431
  11. The single nucleotide polymorphism rs4880 of the SOD2 gene was not correlated with male infertility, which, however, is to be supported by further studies with larger samples from more areas. PMID: 29658251
  12. MiR-509-5p exerted tumor-suppressive effects on breast cancer progression and metastasis via targeting SOD2 in vitro. PMID: 28925482
  13. review: discuss how H2O2 formation in mitochondria depends on and is controlled by MnSOD PMID: 28616679
  14. SOD2 gene polymorphism may modulate biochemical responses to a 12-week swimming training. PMID: 29109056
  15. Study shows an association of the polymorphism of MnSOD 47C/T in the Algerian population with type 1 diabetes without complications. PMID: 29859283
  16. MnSOD is the major superoxide scavenger in mitochondria, whose activity is regulated by SIRT3-mediated deacetylation, particularly at the Lys68 site, and can be enhanced by a SIRT3 coumarin derivative. PMID: 28711502
  17. Heavy alcohol drinking down-regulates ALDH2 gene expression level. Heavy smoking up-regulates SOD2 gene expression level in patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. PMID: 28841898
  18. This is the first report evaluating the role of SOD2 in native and T351-mutated BCR-ABL-expressing cells and in a large cohort of chronic myeloid leukemia patients. In leukemic cells silenced for SOD2 expression a specific down-regulation of the expression of PRDX2 gene was found. PMID: 29550484
  19. The investigated MnSOD and Catalase polymorphisms do not predispose to the development of alcoholic Chronic Pancreatitis. PMID: 28655148
  20. Allele-specific interaction between GPX1 and MnSOD affects the levels of Bcl2, Sirt3 and E-cadherin. PMID: 28587495
  21. Studies suggest that both SOD3 and SOD2 superoxide dismutases are regulated by oxidative stress and redox-dependent signaling mechanisms. PMID: 29047081
  22. Data confirmed that SOD2 is important in the development and prognosis of salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma (SACC); that SOD2 deregulation is related to migration and invasion in SACC; and that the SOD2-dependent production of intracellular H2O2 promotes the migration and invasion of SACC, which involves the ERK-Slug signaling pathway. PMID: 27181103
  23. A model for electrostatic-mediated diffusion, and efficient binding of superoxide for catalysis is presented. PMID: 28461152
  24. This study builds upon in vivo investigation examined the heroin dependency risk associated with the rs2758339 and rs5746136 polymorphisms, as well as their relationship with the SOD2 mRNA levels in normal peripheral blood cells. The findings of the present study indicated that the study polymorphisms are significantly associated with the risk of dependency to heroin but are not associated with the SOD2 expression level. PMID: 29459008
  25. The results of this study revealed higher radial diffusivity in the anterior thalamic radiation among SOD2 CC genotypes compared to CT/TT genotypes. PMID: 28457881
  26. Val 16Ala polymorphism in SOD2 gene contributes to individual variability in oxidative stress status and lipid profile of the blood in young wrestlers, and may modulate biochemical response to training. PMID: 28482710
  27. Radiation-induced SOD2 overexpression via the chimeric C9BC promoter increased the radiosensitivity of HT-29 human colorectal cancer cells and concurrently protected normal CCD 841 CoN colorectal cells from radiation damage. PMID: 27999194
  28. research demonstrated that erysipelas infection predisposition and its clinical characteristics are affected by age, sex and SNPs found in SOD1, SOD2, and catalase genes; presence of SOD2 T2734 alleles was linked to erysipelas' predisposition; T and C alleles of SOD2 T2734C individually were linked to patients with bullous and erythematous erysipelas, respectively PMID: 28512644
  29. MnSOD plays an important integrative role in supporting cancer cell survival in circulation, metastasis, and doxorubicin resistance PMID: 27384484
  30. SOD2 rs4880 SNP likely contributes to asparaginase-induced hepatotoxicity in adult patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. PMID: 27019981
  31. Manganese superoxide dismutase mediates anoikis resistance and tumor metastasis in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells. PMID: 27083052
  32. Preliminary neutron diffraction analysis of human manganese superoxide dismutase has been reported. PMID: 28368283
  33. Altogether, our results provide clinical evidence for the importance of SOD2 in tumor progression and mortality, and the close relationship of SOD2 and p53 in hepatocellular carcinoma. PMID: 27221200
  34. SOD2 and GPX1 can interact to affect cancer risk and progression indicated that it is the net accumulation of mitochondrial H2O2 (mtH2O2) resulting from of the balance between the activities SOD2 and anti-oxidants such as GPX1 that determines whether SOD2 prevents or promotes oncogenesis. Review. PMID: 28087256
  35. Low MnSOD expression is associated with Prostate Cancer. PMID: 28108513
  36. High MNSOD expression is associated with Thyroid Tumors. PMID: 26970173
  37. Findings suggest that the Ala16Val-MnSOD SNPs may contribute to hypercholesterolemia and higher GLU levels, increasing the risk to neurovascular events that may lead to stroke. PMID: 28552711
  38. Results suggest some pharmacogenetic effects of Val16Ala-SOD2 in hypercholesterolemia patients undergoing rosuvastatin treatment. PMID: 26882122
  39. he data demonstrated that linalool exhibited inhibitory effect on glioma cells through regulation of SIRT3-SOD2-ROS signaling PMID: 28567457
  40. WT-MnSOD protein conserves a destabilizing amino acid at position 146 as part of a strategy to favor metal ion binding. PMID: 28704037
  41. There is significant association between SOD rs4880 polymorphism and pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) susceptibility, and this polymorphism influenced PAH susceptibility by altering the expression of SOD2. PMID: 28272301
  42. It is suggested that the MnSOD A16V polymorphism may be associated with a risk of female infertility in northern Iran. PMID: 28040123
  43. Changes of Sig1R and SOD2 expression point to mitochondria as main organelle responsible for survival of tumor cells exposed to hypoxia or oxidative stress. Studied proteins are involved in intracellular response to stress related with different concentrations of oxygen. PMID: 27829319
  44. These results suggest SOD2 as a newly identified gene conferring susceptibility to leprosy. PMID: 27132285
  45. Results suggest that MnSOD Val(16)Ala single-nucleotide polymorphism may not contribute to lung cancer susceptibility. PMID: 23928928
  46. meta-analysis suggested that SOD2 C47T polymorphism is significantly associated with an increased risk of noise-induced hearing loss in the Chinese population. PMID: 27161188
  47. Study demonstrates that SOD2 rs4880, GPX1 rs1050450 and CAT rs1001179 are not associated with an increased susceptibility to epilepsy after neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathyor its drug resistance PMID: 28222320
  48. The antioxidative effects of the Mediterranean diet against breast cancer risk may be enhanced by the wild-type alleles of the MnSOD or CAT SNPs among Greek-Cypriot women. PMID: 26130326
  49. Lower SOD2 protein content in mononuclear cells Is associated with improved survival in chronic kidney disease patients undergoing hemodialysis therapy. PMID: 27630759
  50. we identify miR-146a as a potential tumor suppressor in patients with EOC. miR-146a downregulates the expression of SOD2 and enhances ROS generation, leading to increased apoptosis, inhibition of proliferation, and enhanced sensitivity to chemotherapy. PMID: 27131313

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Involvement in disease Microvascular complications of diabetes 6 (MVCD6)
Subcellular Location Mitochondrion matrix.
Protein Families Iron/manganese superoxide dismutase family
Database Links

HGNC: 11180

OMIM: 147460

KEGG: hsa:6648

STRING: 9606.ENSP00000356022

UniGene: Hs.487046


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