Mouse annexin Ⅴ,ANX-Ⅴ ELISA Kit

Code CSB-E08700m
Size 96T,5×96T,10×96T
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Target Name annexin A5
Alternative Names Anxa5 ELISA Kit; Anx5Annexin A5 ELISA Kit; Anchorin CII ELISA Kit; Annexin V ELISA Kit; Annexin-5 ELISA Kit; Calphobindin I ELISA Kit; CBP-I ELISA Kit; Endonexin II ELISA Kit; Lipocortin V ELISA Kit; Placental anticoagulant protein 4 ELISA Kit; PP4 ELISA Kit; Placental anticoagulant protein I ELISA Kit; PAP-I ELISA Kit; Thromboplastin inhibitor ELISA Kit; Vascular anticoagulant-alpha ELISA Kit; VAC-alpha ELISA Kit
Abbreviation ANXA5
Uniprot No. P48036
Species Mus musculus (Mouse)
Detection Range Request Information
Sensitivity Request Information
Assay Time 1-5h
Sample Volume 50-100ul
Detection Wavelength 450 nm
Research Area Cardiovascular
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Storage Store at 2-8°C. Please refer to protocol.
Lead Time 3-5 working days

Target Data

Function This protein is an anticoagulant protein that acts as an indirect inhibitor of the thromboplastin-specific complex, which is involved in the blood coagulation cascade.
Gene References into Functions
  1. Results show that despite its high levels in stereocilia, ANXA5 does not appear to play a unique functional role for the auditory and vestibular systems. PMID: 27251877
  2. Eight-week-old ApoE-/-mice were fed a western diet while being administered AnxA5 or control (M1234) for a total of 6 weeks. AnxA5 administration reduced plaque size in the aortic root as well as the aortic arch by 36% and 55% respectively PMID: 29267398
  3. Anxa5 mediates the in vitro malignant behaviours of murine hepatocarcinoma Hca-F cells via ERK2/c-Jun/p-c-Jun(Ser73) and ERK2/E-cadherin pathways. PMID: 27697636
  4. findings suggest that GnRH is necessary for constitutive ANXA5 expression in the pituitary gland, not only in gonadotropes but also in other pituitary gland cell types PMID: 26440525
  5. As a potential indicator for malignancy and lymphatic metastasis, ANXA5 overexpression increases in vitro migration and invasion of Hca-P cell, promotes in vivo malignancy, LNM rate and level of Hca-P-transplanted mice. PMID: 26615672
  6. These data suggest that AnxA2 and AnxA5 can influence bone formation via regulation of osteoprogenitor proliferation, differentiation, and responsiveness to cytokines in addition to their well-studied function in matrix vesicles PMID: 25222280
  7. annexin A5 may play a crucial role in cisplatin-induced toxicity by mediating the mitochondrial apoptotic pathway via the induction and oligomerization of VDAC. PMID: 24318879
  8. The decrease of miR-1 and increase of AnxA5 appear as important modulators of NCX1 expression and activity during heart failure. PMID: 23436819
  9. double and opposite role of annexin A5 in regulating the endocytic and autophagic pathways and the fusion of autophagosomes with lysosomes and endosomes PMID: 22266906
  10. Hence, the presence of maternal Anxa5 minimises the risk of thrombosis in the placental circulation and reduces the risk of foetal loss. PMID: 23145320
  11. Annexins and collagen X may rather fulfill functions in growth plate cartilage not directly linked to the mineralization process. PMID: 22692895
  12. AnV blocked phosphatidylserine, enhanced T cell mediated tumor immunity, and inhibited tumor growth. PMID: 22476407
  13. inhibited efferocytosis with annexin V worsened elastase-induced pulmonary emphysema in mice, which was, at least partly, attributed to a lack of phenotypic change in macrophages toward anti-inflammatory one. PMID: 22962014
  14. AnxA5 participates in the membrane repair process. PMID: 21468022
  15. These results indicate that annexins A5 and A6 may not represent the essential annexins that promote mineralization in vivo. PMID: 19580468
  16. Mice lacking annexin A5 are viable, are fertile, and reveal no significant alterations in the development of skeletal elements nor the in vitro calcification properties of isolated chondrocytes. PMID: 12665588
  17. anxA5 down-regulates surface-expressed tissue factor by activating the novel portal of cell entry PMID: 15576370
  18. Perivascular cells expressing annexin A5 define a novel mesenchymal stem cell-like population with the capacity to differentiate into multiple mesenchymal lineages. PMID: 15857912
  19. From the experiments presented above, we conclude that AxV influences the clearance of several PS-exposing particles such as viruses, dying, and dead cells. PMID: 17005907
  20. Both (99m)Tc-annexin A5 and (18)F-FDG accumulate in atherosclerotic lesions and correlate with the severity of each lesion. PMID: 17437104
  21. These data demonstrate that isolated Anxa5-LacZ(+) perivascular cells from mouse meninges retain their capacity for differentiation to pericyte-like cells and contribute to angiogenic processes. PMID: 17543301
  22. Endogenous Anx A5 influences the phagocytosis of necrotic cells, modulates the immune response towards allogeneic cells and acts as an inflammatory protein. PMID: 18624762

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Protein Families Annexin family
Database Links

KEGG: mmu:11747

STRING: 10090.ENSMUSP00000029266

UniGene: Mm.1620

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