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Product Type : RT-PCR Primers
Code : CSB-PP001900HU
Size : $70
PCR Product Length : 156 bp
Storage : The Primer Pair is stable for up to one year at -20° C in a non-frost free freezer. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Relevance : Human APEX1 Primer Pair for ChIP
Species Reactivity : Human
Tested Applications : ChIP
Primer Anneal/Extension : 60 °C anneal/extension for 45 sec
Quality Control :

APEX1 Primers were tested on DNA isolated from cross-linked MCF-7 cells using formaldehyde and extracted with genomic DNA extraction kit. Real-time PCR was performed in triplicate on a serial dilution of input DNA (100ng, 20ng, 4ng, 0.8ng and 0.16ng) using a real-time PCR detection system and SYBR® Green reaction mix. The PCR amplification efficiency (E) and correlation coefficient (R2) were calculated based on the corresponding threshold cycle (CT) of each dilution sample during 40 cycles of real-time PCR (95 °C denaturation for 15 sec, 60 °C anneal/extension for 45 sec).

Target Names : APEX1
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