Fast Pfu DNA Polymerase

Code CSB005A
Size 250 Units
Relevance Pfu DNA Polymerase is a fast and high fidelity DNA polymerase, This enzyme is made by the fusion of a special protein based on common Pfu DNA polymerase through the protein molecular modification technology. It guarantees the high fidelity and at the same time the extending speed is upgraded to 3-4kb/min in PCR process,which is 4-8 times that of ordinary Pfu DNA polymerase. It does not exhibit nucleotidyl terminal transferase activity so its amplification products can be directly used for cloning in blunt-ended vectors.
Intended Use 1 DNA amplification by Polyermerase Chain Reaction (PCR). 2 High-fidelity DNA amplification, cloning and expression 3 DNA sequencing. 4 Site directed mutagenesis 5 Gene synthesis.
Quality Control The purity of enzyme is above 97%, evaluated by SDS-PAGE. It’s validated to be no exogenous nucleic acid enzymatic activity. There is no residual host cell DNA by PCR detection. Functionally tested in amplification of a single-copy gene from human genomic DNA. No obvious enzyme activity changes observed after storing at room temperature for one week.
Storage -20°C
Length/Coupling Ratio 2.5U/μl
Fast Pfu DNA Polymerase 100ul
10×Pfu buffer (Mg2+Plus) 1ml
dNTP Mixture (10mM each) 200μl
6×loading buffer 1ml
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