Pfu DNA Polymerase

Code CSB004B
Size 1000 Units
Relevance Pfu DNA Polymerase is a recombinant 90kDa DNA polymerase, originally inducibly expressed in and purified from Pyrococcus furiosis that containing DNA polymerase, thermostable gene. It has the same function as native Pfu DNA polymerase. Pfu Taq DNA Polymerase has a 5 ' -3 ' DNA polymerase activity and 3 ' -5 ' exonuclease activity and can correct the base mismatch during PCR process. Elongation rate is 0.5-1kb/min. It does not exhibit nucleotidyl terminal transferase activity so its amplification products can be directly used for cloning in blunt-ended vectors.
Intended Use 1, DNA amplification by Polyermerase Chain Reaction (PCR); 2, High-fidelity DNA amplification, cloning and expression; 3, DNA sequencing; 4, Site directed mutagenesis.
Quality Control The purity of enzyme is above 97%, evaluated by SDS-PAGE. It’s validated to be no exogenous nucleic acid enzymatic activity. There is no residual host cell DNA by PCR detection. Functionally tested in amplification of a single-copy gene from human genomic DNA. No obvious enzyme activity changes observed after storing at room temperature for one week.
Storage -20°C
Length/Coupling Ratio 5U/μl
Pfu DNA Polymerase 400ul
10×Pfu buffer (Mg2+Plus) 1ml×4
dNTP Mixture (10mM each) 100μl×4
6×loading buffer 1ml×4
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