Promotion Details


The three coupons with a total value of $50 ($20*2 and $10*1) will be offered to customers who order Cusabio’s antibodies from now on. And the quantity of the coupons is limited.


You can get the coupons no matter ordering Cusabio antibodies from us directly or our distributors.


The coupon this time is not just a card with numbers, but also a little widget. There are lots of secrets in it. More details, please watch this video.

How to use coupons ?


Each coupon owns a unique coupon code. And it can be redeemed once only.


Only one coupon can be used to order each Cusabio antibody.
The $20 coupons are specific to order Cusabio antibodies with unit size of 100ug/100ul, and the $10 coupons are for unit size of 50ug/50ul.


Show us or our distributors the coupon code to redeem $20 or $10 for each Cusabio antibody.


The coupons are redeemable for 6 months (from 1 Nov. 2017 to 30 Apr. 2018)


The unredeemed coupons can be transferred to any other who have needs to make the best possible use of them.


Cusabio could offer the contact information of local distributors to end users to simplify order process.


Cusabio reserves the right to the final interpretation, and this program is not applicable in conjunction with other promotion offers.

Want the coupons?

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