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Add protein, are you eating right?

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It is obviously show by the study that add protein daily to the adults is necessary. That is because about 300 grams of protein daily adult body needs to be updated, in addition to the part derived from autologous protein decomposition and transformation, and the other part must supplement dietary intake.

Therefore, experts remind people pay attention to add protein daily. Nutrition Society recommended daily intake for adult dietary protein - 75 g / male, female 65 g / day.

Nowaday the word "foodie" becomes popular, so it is surely that looking for food has become many peoples hobby. However, enjoy nice dining, have you ever thinking about the food in front of you, how much nutritional value on earth, and are you eating right or not?

Which kind of food can obtain the high-quality protein and how we can add protein effectively? Experts told us the protein content of the soy protein isolate up to 90% of our daily consumption of pork, beef, whole milk, eggs and other protein content in the 10% to 20%, milk or even only 3%.

As living standards improve, people with insufficient protein intake is less and less, but the amount is enough "quality" is not high, and total protein compliance basically provided by animal foods. Long term negative effects reflected: such as the rapid increase in obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and other growing. Although most people to get rid of the problem of insufficient protein "amount" are involved in protein "quality" unreasonable health plagued.

At the same time, people add protein also can through protein powder, because a variety of plant protein powder also retain the original protein powder double health, enhance immunity and relieve physical fatigue, these health functions been approved by the State Food and Drug Administration.

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