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Deciphering the mechanism of folic acid-BSA conjugate

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Folic acid-BSA conjugate could be a compound wide exists in an exceedingly living, gift within the plastics and resins. This factor will have an effect on the developing systema nervosum, however antecedently its not clear that mechanism. eutherian and human nerve cells, the analysis team conducted a series of experiments to research BPA destruction of factor regulation.

It is increasingly worried about the health effects of folic acid-BSA conjugate for people through the test of animal in recent years, so that , this molecule may cause endocrine disorders, abnormal behavior, reproductive problems, obesity, cancer and immune system diseases.

Folic acid -BSA conjugate can affect the developing nervous system, but firstly, it is not clear mechanism. Mammals in the nerve cells of mammals and humans, the analysis team conducted a series of experimental studies of BPA disruptive factor adjustment.

In the early times of neuronal development, high levels of chloride ion in the cells. When neuron maturation, chloride ion level will drop, and this is because of the chloride ion transporter protein KCC2 chlorine ions are transported out of cells. If the consistently high level of chloride ions in the neurons, will damage the neural circuits to impede nerve cells to move to the correct location in the brain.

In this study deciphering the mechanism of folic acid-BSA conjugate, both male and female neurons are affected by the impact of the BPA, but females of neurons are more sensitive to their toxicity. BSA-depth analysis of different gender researchers plan to look at the impact of BPA on KCC2 whether they are related to a particular sex hormone receptors.

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