The foreign market of ciprofloxacin increasingly

As the market of ciprofloxacin bulk drugs exports of 1,727 tons over the previous year in China, an increase of more than 500 tons, an increase of nearly 40%, exports amounted to $ 50.8 million, an increase of $ 18 million over the previous year, an increase of nearly 55%.

The market of  ciprofloxacin in our country, as the production and export of bulk drugs in the future will remain optimistic, experts made a summary for three main reasons as following.

Firstly, ciprofloxacin has its unique role in the clinical treatment in many countries and regions as the basis of the drug. It is particularly worth mentioning is that the efficacy of ciprofloxacin against certain bacteria is unmatched by other antibacterial drugs, such as anthrax bacteria have significant antibacterial effect. When the United States after the "9.11" incident, the anthrax virus in American society panic, a lot of people have purchased from the online ciprofloxacin to prepare for any eventuality, caused by ciprofloxacin demand for the U.S. market. It formulations varieties clinical selectivity, wide range of applications, is expected to ciprofloxacin in the future market demand will continue to grow steadily.

Then, The high cost of ciprofloxacin in populous developing countries more and more common. In fact, the main purpose of its bulk drugs exports in China in recent years is the developing countries, concentrated in the South-East Asia, South Asia, South America, Africa and other places. Exports to these places ciprofloxacin bulk drugs accounted for about 80% of Chinas total exports, this share will continue to expand in the future.

At last, it is worthy to mention that the ciprofloxacin bulk drugs export growth in the ASEAN countries is very obvious. ASEAN pharmaceutical market 90% of pharmaceutical raw materials dependent on imports, especially since China and ASEAN signed a free trade agreement, increasing its dependence on the pharmaceutical raw materials in China.
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