Vegetable protein is high quality proteins

Recently, the topic of high quality proteins is very popular, and the scientists are devoted themself to study a variety of high-quality protein. So there would be many people asked, what kind of the protein is the most secure, high quality proteins on earth?

Animal protein on cancer played a role in fueling, vegetable protein can inhibit cancer deterioration of the condition. According to the study, most of the major cancers, cardiovascular disease and other degenerative diseases, plant-based diet can prevent. Experts say safety proteins and high quality proteins from plants, including wheat and beans. A report shows that he high incidence of liver cancer in a local children in the Philippines, researchers uncover a secret of the fact that, (animal) protein intake of children are most likely to suffer from liver cancer. These children are usually born in the richest households. This experiment and I learned everything contrary. "Eat more protein and can not make people healthier," this conclusion is very alarming, not to mention the high protein intake to promote cancer incidence. In fact, the impact of dietary protein on cancer is very significant, and only need to adjust the intake of protein, we can activate or inhibit the occurrence and development of cancer.

Most animal food intake, chronic diseases up, even the relatively small amount of intake of animal protein, can also cause adverse consequences. While the main body of the crowd plant food is the most healthy, easy to avoid the occurrence of chronic diseases, these results can not be ignored. In fact, from the earliest effects of animal protein animal studies, to the massive crowd dietary pattern survey, the results are consistent, plant-based diets and animal-based diet on human health effects are diametrically different. A large number of the animal protein intake can cause osteoporosis, the higher the rate of intake of vegetable protein, and lower incidence of hip fracture. Why would this be? Protein generally dark green leaves (plant food) are small molecules quality protein intake and protein intake while a lot of minerals, vitamins and active enzymes (raw or room temperature processing), while the intake of animal protein intake while fat, cholesterol, and toxins.

The research results show that the high quality proteins intake of animal origin will lead to elevated blood cholesterol levels, on the contrary, contains almost no cholesterol in foods of plant origin, but also by the different ways to reduce the bodys cholesterol levels. Most people know that, if your blood cholesterol is too high, you should pay attention to their own heart, but you do not know, you should also pay attention to the risk of cancer incidence.
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