Humanized monoclonal antibodies can kill leukemia cells

As the topic of monoclonal antibodis became more and more popular, the researchers reported that they found in a leukemia cell targeting and its direct killing of a humanized monoclonal antibody, for the treatment of leukemia, which is expected to provide a new therapy.

With the monoclonal antibodies of the invention of this technology, this technology to fundamentally solve the presence of the antibody preparation over a long specificity and reproducibility problems, can be used to investigate the following questions. 1. the fine structure of the protein, 2. surface antigen of lymphocyte subsets, 3. The histocompatibility antigen, 4. the hormones and drugs RIA (enzyme immunoassay) analysis, 5. tumor localization and classification, 6. the purified microorganisms and parasites antigen, 7. immunotherapy andthe drug conjugates immune - chemical treatment, use of a monoclonal antibody and target cell specificity combined with the drug to the lesion site. Therefore, this technique can be directly used in the diagnosis of human disease, prevention, treatment, and study of the immune mechanism, opened up broad prospects for diagnosis and immunotherapy of human malignancies of the immune.

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia is the most common blood cancer in the United States, this leukemia cells express high levels of surface glycoprotein receptor CD44. Called RG7356 humanized monoclonal antibodies able to bind CD44 and pass it the "death signal". The antibody is chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells toxic, but has almost no effect on the normal immune B cells. The researchers also found that RG7356 also induce the expression of ZAP-70 protein in chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells to apoptosis. The statistics show that about half of patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells express ZAP-70, these patients often than not express ZAP-70 in patients with severe symptoms.

The monoclonal antibodies synthesis by immune B cells with a hit rate of cancer, deadly advantage, but can not distinguish between good and bad cells. Humanized antibodies due to antibody constant region or antibody all human antibody gene encoded by the heterologous antibody immune caused by adverse reactions of the body can be greatly reduced.
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