Transcription factors of phosphorylation, regulating the plant defense genes induced expression

The researchers confirmed that the transcription factors be phosphorylationed by MPK3/MPK6 through an ERF, then induced expression of plant defense genes and fungal resistance.

In the process of co-evolution and pathogenic microorganisms, the plants, the development of a series of complex defense reaction system antagonistic pathogen infection. A large number of genes induced expression in plant-pathogen interaction, they encode proteins involved in the plant defense response to pathogen such gene called defense genes. Pathogen infection cause plant allergic reactions since people found that from 1902, one of the defense response widely-depth research, so far, defense genes in plant protection and geneticist who studies the forefront and focus.

Recent studies show that arabidopsis two mitogen-activated protein kinase MPK3 and MPK6, in addition to transcription factors the important role in leaf stomatal development, the petals fall off and the ovule development can also be such as salt, injury and pathogens stress stimulus and jasmineacid activation. MPK3 and MPK6 through the regulation of a variety of defensive reaction, play a crucial role in plant disease resistance.

The researchers report that found MPK3/MPK6 another substrate, ETHYLENE RESPONSE FACTOR6, regulation of the Arabidopsis defense gene expression and resistance to mildew pathogen B. cinerea. Researchers confirmed in the gain-of function to transfer the gene in plants or gray mold B. cinerea infection, MPK3/MPK6 the phosphorylation ERF6 improve a ERF6 protein stability. Analog phosphorylation ERF6 able to constitutively activate defense-related genes, such as PDF1.1 and PDF1.2 fungal resistance genes may enhance resistance to Botrytis cinerea. In contrast, when researchers will ERF6 of fusion expression ERF6-EAR EAR motif, strongly inhibited gray mold induced defense gene expression, resulting in transgenic plants ERF6-EAR gray mold allergies. Unlike ERF1, not dependent on the function and regulation of ethylene in ERF6 played defensin gene activation.

New study about transcription factors of phosphorylation confirmed ERF6 of MPK3 and MPK6 another substrate, in MPK3/MPK6 cascade reaction downstream to play an important role in regulation of plant defense fungal pathogens.
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