New concept on the small RNA ribosomal

Recently, a new concept of the small RNA ribosomal was suggested by the scientists, and preliminary findings presence of small RNA ribosomal and diabetes-related biological function.

In recent years, the rapid development of small RNA ribosomal research, types of small RNA have been found and identified, the for example miRNA piRNAs, siRNA, snoRNA, qiRNA, sgRNA, sbRNA, vtRNA, scnRNA and diRNA and so on. Small RNA high-throughput sequencing data, often find that the presence of a considerable number of ribosomal DNA completely matched small RNA. However, in the conventional data analysis process, these small RNA will be deemed to be the degradation of ribosomal RNA directly discarded. However, it is interesting the qiRNA and sgRNA for a considerable part of the small RNA sequences and rDNA exactly match.

Researcher analysis found that mouse miR-696, miR-712, miR-714, miR-715 have been identified 10 miRNA sequences and rDNA exact match, and the mice piR-16, of piR-38 piR-165piR-170, piR-171 have identified 60 kinds of to piRNA its sequence and rDNA exact match. The tiny RNA of these tips and rDNA completely match is likely to be a class with the biological function of small non-coding RNA.High-throughput small RNA sequencing data analysis, the researchers found that in the presence of a considerable number of existing human, mouse, and other mammalian genome can not match small RNA sequencing data. In-depth study found that rDNA repeat unit is not included in the current human, mouse, and other mammalian genome data, a considerable part of these small RNA and rDNA match exactly. On this basis, the number of small RNA high-throughput sequencing data analysis, a systematic analysis of the human, mouse and other species srRNA, found srRNA are mainly distributed in the coding region of the rDNA match and justice chain.

As this new small RNA ribosomal concept of proposed, on the one hand, will deepen the understanding of small RNA, on the other hand will cause the attention of researchers for srRNA role in different physiological and pathological processes and mechanisms, new for the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and other diseasesideas.
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