Grapefruit flavonoids small molecules useful in cardiovascular health

View:345 Time:2013-08-15

University of Glasgow, a new study found that citrus fruits, especially grapefruit, prevention of vascular inflammation containing flavonoids small molecules, which are expected to develop the next lower cost, smaller side cardiovascular disease prevention drugs.

The researchers said that many cardiovascular diseases are associated with blood immune cells overreact about these immune cells will adhere to the vascular endothelial cells, causing inflammation and block blood vessels,  leading to heart disease, vascular inflammation and other diseases. The researchers found that, flavonoids small molecules can activate endothelial cells to inflammation of the natural defense function,suppression of the immune cells caused by excessive immune response, thereby preventing inflammation.

The researchers noted that grapefruit and other citrus fruits contain such natural flavonoids small molecules, they are through the "closed" vascular endothelial cells of the immune cell receptors to prevent excessive immune response. Experiments show that this natural defenses is very effective .

Currently used to suppress excessive immune response to cardiovascular disease prevention drug manufacture and storage costs are high, but if we can use this type of research and development of natural flavonoids small molecules similar drugs, it is expected to reduce costs and drug toxicity. The researchers next step will be further proved these flavonoids small molecules play a role in the immune cell receptor specific mechanisms.

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