new compounds to Prevent candidas albicans cell attachment

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For serious and sometimes fatal fungal infection, the research team has discovered a compound that can prevent fungal cell attachment surfaces. Typically, the fungal cell is a human pathogen adhesion candidas albicans infection occurs during the first step.

With live candidas albicans screened 30,000 compounds tested, the research team found a molecule that can prevent the adhesion of yeast cells of the body or polystyrene. The researchers named this small molecule "filastatin", this molecule is a new anti- candidates fungal drug, and perhaps can be embedded into the surface of the medical device to prevent fungal infections.

For humans, the most common fungal pathogen Candida albicans, which is the hospital-acquired infection is one of the most common causes. The results show that filastatin  is not toxic to human cell lines under the measurement conditions  , but it can be adhered on an inert surface damage and fungus cultured human epithelial cells in vitro ability.

Candidas albicans infection thrush and vaginitis and other common chronic diseases, affected millions of people worldwide every year, while the anti-fungal drugs are often not easy to clear the infection. Although most fungal infections without causing serious harm, but if into the blood, it can be fatal.

Normally, the blood flow or the like Candida albicans fungal pathogen cell attachment starts at the surface (such as a catheter), or oral cavity epithelial cells. Next, oval yeast cells to develop into an invasive filaments, wires extending tip penetration and damage surrounding tissue. In the current study, the research team found that, filastatin suppress two steps, largely preventing the adhesion of Candida albicans variety of surfaces, significantly reducing the formation of filaments.

The next step, the team prize test filastatin already adhered to the polystyrene candidas albicans cells. When the compound treatment, many of which have adhered to the polystyrene fungal cells are stripped.

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