Virosomes reatment of leukemia

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Ottawa scientists have developed a virus-based particles, the virosomes can be in a mouse model of blood can kill tumor cells to cure leukemia, and only a small side effects.

Dr. Bell and his research team has been committed to using replicating viral treatment of solid tumors, there are a lot of very good results. This study is the first successful treatment of their leukemia, this study is the first time they have a non-replicative virosomes particles instead of copying the treatment success stories.

Hematology specialist said Professor Conrad, we believe that the virus replicative or most probably not the most safe and effective method of treatment of leukemia, all of the virosomes we use no more copy, to kill cancer cells. We were delighted to find that high doses of virosomes is very safe, we hope to be able in the near future to test the particles in the patients results.

Scientists use a dose of ultraviolet radiation that the virus can not replicate the virus, but there are still able to effectively enter the cell body to kill cancer cells and to stimulate a strong immune response against cancer. The virosomes can kill various types of leukemia cells, but does not affect the normal blood cells. The therapy in a mouse leukemia model is very successful, with 80% of treated mice became apparent life, 60 percent eventually cure the disease in mice, whereas all untreated mice had died within 20 days.

Professor Conrad said, and now is still very difficult to treat leukemia. Our  study in the early stages of research, I hope the virosomes used in clinical trials as soon as possible .

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