Tumor suppressor CHD5 help stem cells mature into neurons

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Previous studies have already confirmed that CHD5 is a tumor suppressor, as a molecular brake, it prevents the development of healthy cells into cancer cells. However, in healthy tissue, the role of the protein of what, their role against tumor growth in vivo is important if, for the above problem has been known.

Recently, researchers have found that the molecule as a tumor suppressor protein CHD5 in the normal development of the nervous system function. Recently published study shows that when stem cells into neurons development, CHD5 start high-level expression. CHD5 can cause chromatin remodeling, the result is either promoting gene expression, gene expression is either hindered.

Researcher Ulrika Nyman explains: Close embryonic period (brain development and during the formation of a large number of neurons) stem cells CHD5, they found no CHD5, a large stem cell gene expression is no longer silent, and, indeed, in muscle, blood or intestinal cells highly expressed genes can be expressed.

They also observed that the stem cells can not be turned into mature neurons expression of a desired gene, Making stem cells trapped between the stem cells and neurons change at some stage . The gene was found to encode CHD5 located on chromosome 1 (1p36), this locus frequently lost in some cancer cells, especially in neuroblastoma. However, the peripheral nervous system development process, increased expression of genes encoding CHD5.

With retinoic acid treatment can make some immature nerve cells and neuroblastoma cells mature into special nerve cells, but the researchers raised the neuroblastoma cells CHD5 protein, the tumor cells are no longer responding retinoic acid treatment.

CHD5 does not exist in the case of nerve tumor cells can not mature into harmless nerve cells, but continue to divide,it will be more difficult to treat malignant tumors. Now scientists hope that can be able to restore aggressive tumor cells CHD5, so that they become harmless mature nerve cells.

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