Scientists have discovered the secret about phosphoglucomutase

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Phosphoglucomutase is an accelerator that transfers a phosphate cluster on an ?-D-glucose chemical compound from the 1 to the 6 position within the forward direction or the 6 to the 1 position within the reverse direction.

After polysaccharide phosphorylase catalyzes the phosphorolytic cleavage of a glucosyl residue from the polysaccharide chemical compound, the freed aldohexose encompasses a phosphate cluster on its 1-carbon. This aldohexose 1-phosphate molecule isnt itself a helpful metabolic intermediate, however phosphoglucomutase catalyzes the conversion of this aldohexose 1-phosphate to aldohexose 6-phosphate (see below for the mechanism of this reaction).

Glucose 6-phosphate’s metabolic fate depends on the wants of the cell at the time its generated. If the cell is low on energy, then aldohexose 6-phosphate can travel down the glycolytic pathway, eventually yielding 2 molecules of ATP. If the cell is in want of synthesis intermediates, aldohexose 6-phosphate can enter the monosaccharose phosphate pathway, wherever itll bear a series of reactions to yield riboses and or NADPH, betting on cellular conditions.

If this reaction is happening within the liver, the accelerator aldohexose 6-phosphatase can even turn the conversion of aldohexose 6-phosphate to aldohexose, which might leave the liver to be used in different cells. Muscle cells, however, lack aldohexose 6-phosphatase, in order that they cannot share their polysaccharide stores with the remainder of the body.

Human muscle contains 2 phosphoglucomutases with nearly identical chemical action properties, PGM I and PGM II.  One or the opposite of those forms is missing in some humans congenitally.

PGM deficiency is a particularly rare condition that doesnt have a group of well-characterized physiological symptoms. This condition will be detected by AN in vitro study of anaerobic metabolic process that reveals a block within the pathway toward carboxylic acid production when aldohexose 1-phosphate however before aldohexose 6-phosphate.

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