The biological significance of cell adhesion molecules

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Cell adhesion molecules involved in cell -cell and cell- extracellular matrix interactions between molecules. Can be broadly divided into five categories: cadherins, selectins, immunoglobulin superfamily, integrin and cadherin hyaluronic acid.

Cell adhesion molecules are transmembrane glycoproteins, the molecular structure consists of three parts: the extracellular region, the N-terminal part of the peptide chain, with a sugar chain, responsible for ligand recognition; transmembrane domain, a transmembrane mostly; cytoplasmic region, the C-terminal part of the peptide chain, generally small, and the backbone component of the membrane is directly connected, or chemical signals and intracellular molecules connected to activate the signal transduction pathway.

Since the N-CAM are found, have been discovered several new cell adhesion molecules such as Ng-CAM glial cell adhesion molecule, L-CAM liver cell adhesion molecule, I-CAM is a ubiquitous cell adhesion molecules , which ligand is LFA-1; the CADM3 elisa kit is circulating leukocytes and other cells found in cell adhesion molecules. Cell adhesion molecules are the glycoprotein has the extracellular domain of the peptide covalently glycosylation . According to the role of cell adhesion molecules can be divided into three families: the immunoglobulin superfamily, such as the V-CAM, Ng-CAM, I-CAM and L1. Cadherin family of proteins, such as E- cadherin, P- cadherin, N- cadherin; selectin family, such as L- selectin, LEU-CAM1 like. The latter two are the family of calcium -dependent cell adhesion molecules , and the immunoglobulin superfamily of calcium-dependent means. Cadherin family is the primary one class of adhesion proteins distributed widely.

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