The biological activity of Coenzyme

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Coenzyme is a kind of a chemical group may be transferred from one enzyme to another small organic molecules on the enzyme, the enzyme is more loosely coupled , play for a particular coenzyme activity is necessary. Many vitamins and their derivatives, such as riboflavin , thiamine and folic acid , coenzyme belong. These compounds can not be synthesized by the body and must be dietary supplements . Coenzyme can carry different chemical groups are different: NAD or NADP + to carry hydrogen ion , acetyl coenzyme A portable, folic acid carrying a formyl group, S- adenosyl methionine can also carry a formyl group.

Since the enzyme catalyzed reactions coenzyme whose chemical composition is changed, so can be considered a special CoA substrate or as the "second substrate." This so-called second substrate may be utilized by many enzymes. For example, approximately seven hundred kinds of known enzymes can be used for catalysis of NADH.

Inside the cell, the reaction can be recycled after a coenzyme in order to maintain its concentration in the cell at a stable level. For example , NADPH via the pentose phosphate pathway and methionine adenosyl transferase under the S- adenosyl methionine regeneration. As the coenzyme regeneration system for maintaining stability of the enzyme reaction is necessary, therefore, coenzyme regeneration system to obtain a large number of laboratory and industrial applications.

Coenzyme Q-10 is produced by the cells own natural antioxidant, can prevent the formation of free radicals , helps maintain the proper functioning of the immune system and anti-aging ; recent studies have shown that coenzyme Q-10 in the prevention of coronary heart disease, relieve tooth Zhou Yan , treatment of duodenal ulcer and gastric ulcer and relieve angina has a significant effect. As well as anti-tumor effects, clinical for advanced metastatic cancer have a certain effect . Various coenzyme normal growth and development in the organism , played various important role in making life activities and orderly conduct .

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