Large-scale scientific studies on testin

Testin(TES) is a 47 kDa protein composed of 421 amino acids found in focal adhesions and is believed to own a task in regulation of cell motility. TES functions as a growth suppressor. The TES sequence is found among a fragile region of body seven, and the promoter components of TES sequence are shown to be vulnerable to methylation, this prevents the expression of the TES protein.

The structures of the aminoalkanoic acid made domain and also the PET domain don't seem to be better-known. LIM domains are called modulators of protein interactions. LIM domain incorporates a pair of metal fingers separated by a pair of hydrophobic amino acids. These finding were vital providing Mena is commonly over-expressed in cancer cells, and is believed to be partially chargeable for neoplastic cell motility, and an element in cancer metastasis. TES is conversely typically not made in cancer cells. It's potential that a drug designed to mimic TES's interaction with Mena may be accustomed forestall metastasis and the development of secondary tumours in cancer patients.

In RNAi experiments, cells that had impaired TES expression showed an inability to properly organise their focal adhesions and simple protein stress fibres. In sequence knockout experiments, transgenic mice lacking each copies of the TES sequence displayed an enlarged status to growth formation once challenged with a matter.
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