Sweden important bioanalysis of stathmin expression

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A new study led by Uppsala University and published that stathmin is preserved 17 kDa protein. It is an important restrictive protein of tubule dynamics has been well-characterized. Stathmin performs a role in regulation rapid tubule transforming of the structure in response to the cell's needs. Stathmin interacts with 2 molecules of dimeric α,β-tubulin to create a good ternary advanced known as the T2S advanced. Stathmin promotes tubule dismantling by acting directly on the tubule ends.

Stathmin's role in regulation of the cell cycle. Stathmin can cause uncontrolled cell proliferation mutated and not functioning properly. If stathmin is unable to bind to tubulin, it permits for constant tubule assembly and thus constant mitotic spindle assembly. With no regulation of the mitotic spindle, the cell cycle is capable of sport uncontrollably leading to the unregulated cell growth characteristic of cancer cells.

The rate of tubule assembly is a very important side of cell growth so associating regulation of stathmin with cell cycle progress. Regulation of stathmin is cell cycle dependent and controlled by the cell's protein kinases in response to specific cell signals. Stathmin phosphorylation will increase the concentration of tubulin on the market in the protoplasm for tubule assembly. For cells to assemble the mitotic spindle necessary for initiation of the mitotic part of the cell cycle, stathmin phosphorylation should occur.
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