A new discovery of preadipocyte

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Recently, researchers from Yale University found that in the high-fat diet stimulated murine visceral fat may occur transient rapid proliferation, which is consistent with the mode of the process of human obesity, and they confirmed that the process depends on the signaling pathway PI3K-AKT2.

The researchers noted that the white adipose tissue(WAT) is excessive accumulation of fat is an important feature. Previous studies found that white fat is mainly composed of mature fat cells, whereas mature adipocytes is through the proliferation and differentiation of preadipocytes produced.

The study found that mice fed high-fat diet can quickly induce fat in white adipose tissue proliferation of precursor cells to generate new adipocytes, but this process is very short. Importantly, activation of lipogenesis process occurs near the epididymis-specific male mice visceral fat, consistent with that observed in the process of human growth of white fat obesity. Through further study found that in a variety of obesity model, activation of fat precursor cells is dependent on the PI3K-AKT2 signaling pathway, but the white adipose tissue development does not need AKT2 role. These findings indicate that during the development process of adipogenesis and obesity are subject to different regulatory molecular mechanisms.
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