The new mechanism of Cdc42 in liver regeneration process

View:505 Time:2015-03-06

Rho GTP Cdc42 protein is a member of a family of enzymes, which is a very important intracellular proteins, charged with a variety of functions regulating cytoskeletal structure, cell growth, cell polarity, and intracellular transport.

Cdc42 significantly activated in the liver of mice control three hours to 24 hours after partial hepatectomy, prove their involvement in the process of liver regeneration. And in the absence of Cdc42 protein, liver regeneration in mice decreased significantly, mainly as a response delay in liver weight. Further study of the molecular mechanism of the process is displayed in liver regeneration, liver DNA synthesis-deficient mice significantly decreased the level of Cdc42, and expression of cell cycle and several factors associated with Cdc42 important growth signaling pathways ( ERK, JNK and p70S6K) The delayed activation occurs. Furthermore, Cdc42 deletion also affects the internal fat transporter ABCA1 cellular localization, resulting in abnormal liver regeneration process of fat metabolism.

The study reveals the important function of Cdc42 in the liver responsible for the regeneration process, Cdc42 function in the regulation of liver cells is a complex network, may involve a variety of different functions and complex intracellular signaling molecules pathway.
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