Bleach reduce the immune system

Family has a habit of using bleach to clean water, 20% of children would increase the risk of colds. British scholars have pointed out that bleach cleaning products irritating volatile in the air, it will reduce immune function after being inhaled.

The researchers noted that the public believe that the use of bleach to clean completely kill the bacteria, protect their health, but the study found that microbes make home ownership a moderate. Studies have shown that the use of household bleach to clean the child's disease recurrence rate even higher than 18%.

Inhalation of irritant gases reduced ability to make the immune system, so that bacteria lurking in the body a chance to "rebellion", thereby increasing disease prevalence. People should be in good health habits, such as real-time processing of kitchen, cleaning the dishes. Breed bacteria to replace with a bleaching agent for harsh cleaning chemicals dependence.
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