Why myocardial cells can not regenerate?

Humans and all other mammals soon after birth, the majority of cardiac cell replication capability will disappear. This process is how it happened and whether this ability can be restored even regenerate myocardial cells, answers to these questions are still unknown. A recent study published in eLife, the German scientists has provided an explanation.

The central body exists in almost every cell. In recent years a number of experiments confirmed that if the central body is incomplete, the cell can no longer replicate. After this discovery, the problem again reached if the integrity of the central body is manipulated, then to what extent you can control the replication rate of the cells? In this study, researchers investigated whether FAU centrosome integrity in the animal kingdom by nature adjustable to control the regeneration of certain cells. Their study found that cardiac cells in the central body is decomposed shortly after birth. This decomposition process including a central body protein from the center body and re-localized in the nucleus membrane. After the birth of myocardial cells can not reciliation (ciliogenesis), nuclear membrane into the cell microtubule organizing center. The central body into two centrioles, losing integrity. They observed that the cells of the central body can promote the decomposition of myocardial G0 / G1 phase of the cell arrest, suggesting that the central body decomposition mammalian cardiomyocytes postmitotic state reach the necessary process, after which the cells lose the ability to replicate.

The researchers also found that adult zebrafish and salamanders myocardial cells are still able to replicate, which maintains the integrity of the central body. This is the first confirmation of those significant differences in zebra fish, amphibians mammalian cardiomyocytes, but also showing human cardiac cells can not regenerate a possible explanation.

This study shows that cells regulate centrosome integrity of the mammalian heart there is a natural process, but also opened up a range of new possibilities for future research. First, it was observed for the future attempts to stimulate the heart muscle cell proliferation copy, create cardiac regeneration research provides a starting point. At the same time, the use of checking the integrity of the central body to find the remains of replication-competent adult cardiomyocytes, or can be used in clinical medicine. Finally, the discovery will help researchers uncontrolled growth of cancer cells in the development of a method to inhibit.
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