To reveal the immune cells

Recently, in an article published in the International Journal of nature immunology research papers, scientists through the research reveals the process of immune cells "Agent 007" is made, or to clarify how the immune system protects the body against disease to provide some help.

Dendritic cells are a kind of intelligent immune cells, which can help the immune system to resist disease invasion, and to understand how dendritic cells are produced or may help scientists develop new ways to enhance immune response to infection. Scientists say that dendritic cells can "educate" the body's immune system, which tells them to resist the infection of T cells and NK cells, bacteria, fungi, or cancer, so that these cells can target the invaders.

If we learn how to control dendritic cells, we may enhance the immune response to infection, or reduce the damage to the body. In this study, the researchers used the latest technology to detect a single immune cell and its progeny, the results showed that there is no so-called single child generation cells in the dendritic cells of all subpopulations. Targeting progenitor cells or may help to develop novel therapies against many infections, a progenitor cell can produce a number of offspring, and the inhibition of progenitor cells to produce a variety of dendritic cell subsets may sometimes help to effectively treat a variety of autoimmune diseases. In a similar way, the additional generation of special dendritic cells may improve the immune response to infection or vaccination.

At the end of the study, the family tree of blood cells and the mechanisms that can help understand the disease, and the body of each blood cell and immune cells are formed by the differentiation and development of blood stem cells. Therefore tracing the evolution tree can find the starting point of each cell type generated, also can clarify the parental cell how to decide the next step in the direction of the development. By analyzing the genetic characteristics of different cells, the researchers can find a new target for the treatment of a series of infectious diseases, cancer and immune disorders and other diseases.
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