Product Name Code Size

Mouse Dickkopf-related protein 2(DKK2) ELISA kit

CSB-EL006921MO 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human Dickkopf-related protein 2(DKK2) ELISA kit

CSB-EL006921HU 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Rabbit Dickkopf 1(DKK1)ELISA Kit

CSB-E16508Rb 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Mouse Dickkopf-related protein 1(DKK1) ELISA kit

CSB-EL006920MO 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human Dickkopf 1,DKK1 ELISA Kit

CSB-E10104h 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Rat Dihydrotestosterone,DHT ELISA Kit

CSB-E07879r 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Mouse Dihydrotestosterone,DHT ELISA Kit

CSB-E07880m 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human Dihydrotestosterone,DHT ELISA Kit

CSB-E07878h 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Canine Dihydrotestosterone,DHT ELISA Kit

CSB-E07881c 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human Desert hedgehog (DHH) ELISA kit

CSB-E12006h 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Rat Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate,DHEA-S ELISA Kit

CSB-E05106r 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Rabbit Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate,DHEA-S ELISA Kit

CSB-E06963Rb 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Mouse Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate,DHEA-S ELISA Kit

CSB-E05107m 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate,DHEA-S ELISA Kit

CSB-E05105h 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Rat Dehydroepiandrosterone,DHEA ELISA Kit

CSB-E08227r 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Mouse Dehydroepiandrosterone,DHEA ELISA Kit

CSB-E08228m 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human Dehydroepiandrosterone,DHEA ELISA Kit

CSB-E08226h 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human 7-dehydrocholesterol reductase(DHCR7) ELISA kit

CSB-EL006844HU 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human Probable diguanylate cyclase YedQ (DGC) ELISA kit

CSB-E17379h 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human Protein DEK(DEK) ELISA kit

CSB-EL006710HU 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human β-defensins 2 ELISA Kit

CSB-E13201h 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human Beta-defensin 130(DEFB130) ELISA kit

CSB-EL006700HU 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human Beta-defensin 128(DEFB128) ELISA kit

CSB-EL006698HU 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Monkey Beta-defensin 123(DEFB123) ELISA kit

CSB-EL006693RH 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human Beta-defensin 119(DEFB119) ELISA kit

CSB-EL006690HU 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human Beta-defensin 104(DEFB104A) ELISA kit

CSB-EL006665HU 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human β-defensins 3 ELISA Kit

CSB-E14187h 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Mouse β-defensins 1 ELISA Kit

CSB-E14188m 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Monkey Beta-defensin 1(DEFB1) ELISA kit

CSB-EL006662RH 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human β-defensins 1 ELISA Kit

CSB-E14186h 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Bovine Beta-defensin 1(DEFB1) ELISA kit

CSB-E17795B 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human Alpha-defensin 7(DEFA7) ELISA kit

CSB-EL006659HU 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Mouse Defensin-6(DEFA6) ELISA kit

CSB-EL006658MO 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human Defensin-6(DEFA6) ELISA kit

CSB-EL006658HU 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human Defensin-5(DEFA5) ELISA kit

CSB-EL006657HU 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Mouse Neutrophil defensin 4(DEFA4) ELISA kit

CSB-EL006656MO 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human alpha Defensin-4(NP-4) ELISA Kit

CSB-E17958h 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Mouse Neutrophil defensin 3(DEFA3) ELISA kit

CSB-EL006655MO 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human Neutrophil defensin 3(DEFA3) ELISA kit

CSB-EL006655HU 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human Epithelial discoidin domain-containing receptor 1(DDR1) ELISA kit

CSB-EL006595HU 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human DNA damage-inducible transcript 4 protein(DDIT4) ELISA kit

CSB-EL006590HU 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Rat N(G),N(G)-dimethylarginine dimethylaminohydrolase 1 (DDAH1) ELISA kit

CSB-EL006579RA 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Mouse Decorin(DCN) ELISA kit

CSB-EL006554MO 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human Decorin/Bone proteoglycan II (DCN) ELISA Kit

CSB-E16522h 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Bovine Decorin(DCN) ELISA kit

CSB-EL006554BO 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human Protocadherin-23(DCHS2) ELISA kit

CSB-EL006545HU 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human Proteolysis Inducing Factor/Dermcidin(PIF/DCD)ELISA Kit

CSB-E13626h 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human Netrin receptor DCC(DCC) ELISA kit

CSB-EL006536HU 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human Lipoamide acyltransferase component of branched-chain alpha-keto acid dehydrogenase complex, mitochondrial(DBT) ELISA kit

CSB-EL006530HU 96T,5×96T,10×96T

Human dopamine-β-hydroxylase,DBH ELISA Kit

CSB-E09653h 96T,5×96T,10×96T


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