Product Name Code Source
Recombinant Human Probable methylthioribulose-1-phosphate dehydratase(APIP) CSB-EP839332HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Glycine N-acyltransferase-like protein 1(GLYATL1) CSB-EP839276HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 25(TNFRSF25),partial CSB-EP839000HU E.coli
Recombinant Mouse Beta-synuclein(Sncb) CSB-EP838720MO E.coli
Recombinant Human Splicing regulatory glutamine/lysine-rich protein 1(SREK1),partial CSB-EP837871HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Selenoprotein M(SELM) CSB-EP837868HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Splicing factor U2AF 26 kDa subunit(U2AF1L4) CSB-EP837850HU E.coli
Recombinant Mouse C-type lectin domain family 4 member K(Cd207),partial CSB-EP837695MO E.coli
Recombinant Mouse Interleukin-34(Il34) CSB-EP837125MO E.coli
Recombinant Human BTB/POZ domain-containing protein KCTD15(KCTD15) CSB-EP836301HU E.coli
Recombinant Human E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase RNF125(RNF125) CSB-EP836205HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Serine protease HTRA1(HTRA1) CSB-EP835695HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Nectin-2(PVRL2),partial CSB-EP835690HU E.coli
Recombinant Cricetulus griseus Protein disulfide-isomerase(P4HB) CSB-EP823188DXU E.coli
Recombinant Human Alba-like protein C9orf23(C9orf23) CSB-EP822707HU E.coli
Recombinant Human RING finger and CHY zinc finger domain-containing protein 1(RCHY1) CSB-EP822281HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Sentrin-specific protease 8(SENP8) CSB-EP822251HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Lymphokine-activated killer T-cell-originated protein kinase(PBK) CSB-EP822241HU E.coli
Recombinant Arabidopsis thaliana 2-Cys peroxiredoxin BAS1, chloroplastic(BAS1) CSB-EP822134DOA E.coli
Recombinant Mouse Collagen alpha-1(XXVI) chain(Col26a1) CSB-BP820987MO Baculovirus
Recombinant Salmonella typhi Universal stress protein A(uspA) CSB-MP820596SWW Mammalian cell
Recombinant Human Ras association domain-containing protein 5(RASSF5) CSB-EP819906HU E.coli
Recombinant Mouse Sushi repeat-containing protein SRPX2(Srpx2) CSB-BP819154MO Baculovirus
Recombinant Human COMM domain-containing protein 1(COMMD1) CSB-EP818712HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Sperm-associated antigen 16 protein(SPAG16) CSB-EP818674HU E.coli
Recombinant Mouse Interleukin-31 receptor subunit alpha(Il31ra),partial CSB-EP818362MO E.coli
Recombinant Human BH3-like motif-containing cell death inducer(BLID) CSB-EP818276HU E.coli
Recombinant Human E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase SIAH1(SIAH1) CSB-EP818230HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Extracellular serine/threonine protein kinase FAM20C(FAM20C) CSB-BP816901HU Baculovirus
Recombinant Ciona intestinalis 40S ribosomal protein S13 (RPS13) CSB-EP816848DTL E.coli
Recombinant Nicotiana alata Flower-specific defensin(D1) CSB-EP814081NDF E.coli
Recombinant Vibrio vulnificus Fe/S biogenesis protein NfuA(nfuA) CSB-MP813457VFI Mammalian cell
Recombinant Vibrio vulnificus Fe/S biogenesis protein NfuA(nfuA) CSB-EP813457VFI E.coli
Recombinant Mouse Abhydrolase domain-containing protein 11(Abhd11) CSB-EP811717MO E.coli
Recombinant Chikungunya virus Non-structural polyprotein,Partial CSB-EP810351CJAT E.coli
Recombinant Reston ebolavirus Matrix protein VP40(VP40) CSB-EP810348RCJ E.coli
Recombinant Human Methionine-R-sulfoxide reductase B3(MSRB3) CSB-EP810290HU E.coli
Recombinant Mouse RNA binding protein fox-1 homolog 3 (Rbfox3) CSB-EP806847MO E.coli
Recombinant Mouse Sushi domain-containing protein 4(Susd4),partial CSB-EP805887MO E.coli
Recombinant Mouse Trifunctional enzyme subunit alpha, mitochondrial(Hadha),partial CSB-BP804834MO Baculovirus
Recombinant Mouse Trifunctional enzyme subunit alpha, mitochondrial(Hadha),partial CSB-EP804834MO E.coli
Recombinant Mouse Thioredoxin-interacting protein(Txnip) CSB-EP803849MO E.coli
Recombinant Human Lipolysis-stimulated lipoprotein receptor(LSR),partial CSB-EP801252HU E.coli
Recombinant Mouse Septin-9(Sept9) CSB-EP800330MO E.coli
Recombinant Human TIR domain-containing adapter molecule 2(TICAM2) CSB-EP774830HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Tripartite motif-containing protein 69(TRIM69) CSB-EP774824HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Vasculin(GPBP1),partial CSB-EP774823HU E.coli
Recombinant Human L-xylulose reductase(DCXR) CSB-EP772022HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Protein S100-A7A(S100A7A),partial CSB-EP771423HU E.coli
Recombinant Pan troglodytes Lymphotoxin-beta(LTB),partial CSB-EP771253EQV E.coli


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