Product Name Code Source
Recombinant Escherichia coli Transposase insE for insertion sequence IS3A(insE1) CSB-MP317177ENV Mammalian cell
Recombinant Salmonella typhimurium Invasion protein iagB(iagB) CSB-EP315647SXB E.coli
Recombinant Escherichia coli Thioredoxin-2(trxC) CSB-EP314858ENV E.coli
Recombinant Bitis gabonica Thrombin-like enzyme gabonase CSB-EP314359BGW E.coli
Recombinant Dendroaspis angusticeps Fasciculin-2(Fas-2) CSB-EP314272DBG E.coli
Recombinant Zaire ebolavirus Super small secreted glycoprotein(GP) CSB-EP314099ZAT E.coli
Recombinant Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae 46 kDa surface antigen(p46) CSB-EP313811MWK E.coli
Recombinant Staphylococcus aureus Iron-regulated surface determinant protein B(isdB),partial CSB-EP313758SUM E.coli
Recombinant Enterobacteria phage T6 Beta-glucosyl-HMC-alpha-glucosyl-transferase CSB-EP313316EEA E.coli
Recombinant Yersinia enterocolitica Yop proteins translocation protein M(yscM) CSB-EP312449YAQ E.coli
Recombinant Dermatophagoides farinae Mite group 2 allergen Der f 2(DERF2) CSB-EP312422DCO E.coli
Recombinant Streptococcus pneumoniae serotype 2 Pneumolysin(ply) CSB-EP312102FNF E.coli
Recombinant Chlamydophila psittaci Major outer membrane porin(ompA) CSB-EP310272CJB E.coli
Recombinant Drosophila melanogaster Stress-activated protein kinase JNK(bsk) CSB-BP310094DLU Baculovirus
Recombinant Drosophila melanogaster Stress-activated protein kinase JNK(bsk) CSB-EP310094DLU E.coli
Recombinant Dactylis glomerata Pollen allergen Dac g 3 CSB-EP309006DAC E.coli
Recombinant Leuconostoc mesenteroides Dextransucrase CSB-EP308923LPG E.coli
Recombinant Avena sativa Endochitinase CSB-BP308852DPO Baculovirus
Recombinant Triticum aestivum Serpin-Z1B CSB-EP308635TQN E.coli
Recombinant Taraxacum officinale 2S albumin,Partial CSB-EP308526TLH E.coli
Recombinant Scytonema varium Scytovirin CSB-EP308458SEH E.coli
Recombinant Dactylis glomerata Major pollen allergen Dac g 4 CSB-EP307868DAC E.coli
Recombinant Silene chalcedonica Ribosome-inactivating protein lychnin CSB-EP307648LKN E.coli
Recombinant Prevotella bryantii Glucomannokinase,partial CSB-EP307269PRQ E.coli
Recombinant Agkistrodon contortrix contortrix Thrombin-like enzyme contortrixobin CSB-EP307045AET E.coli
Recombinant Acinetobacter calcoaceticus Catechol 1,2-dioxygenase CSB-EP306913AWR E.coli
Recombinant Haliotis laevigata Perlwapin CSB-EP306283HAZ E.coli
Recombinant Prunus persica Non-specific lipid-transfer protein 1 CSB-EP305877EZK E.coli
Recombinant Staphylococcus aureus Zinc metalloproteinase aureolysin(aur) CSB-EP305800FKZ E.coli
Recombinant Mycoplasma pneumoniae Lon protease(lon),partial CSB-EP305230MLW E.coli
Recombinant Tenebrio molitor Larval cuticle protein A1A CSB-EP304533TBF E.coli
Recombinant Lepidoglyphus destructor Mite group 2 allergen Lep d 2 CSB-EP304483LEA E.coli
Recombinant Hypocrea jecorina Hydrophobin-2(hfb2) CSB-EP304437HYE E.coli
Recombinant Mycoplasma pneumoniae Uncharacterized lipoprotein MPN_083(MPN_083),partial CSB-EP303444MLW E.coli
Recombinant Mycoplasma pneumoniae Putative Xaa-Pro aminopeptidase(pepP) CSB-EP303407MLW E.coli
Recombinant Escherichia coli Glutaminase 1(glsA1) CSB-EP302868ENV E.coli
Recombinant Escherichia coli Bifunctional protein HldE(hldE) CSB-EP302846ENV E.coli
Recombinant Influenza A virus Nucleoprotein(NP) CSB-EP302450IGF E.coli
Recombinant Bacillus cereus Enterotoxin,partial CSB-EP302168BQJ E.coli
Recombinant Enterobacteria phage M13 (Bacteriophage M13) Tail virion protein G9P CSB-EP301675ECY E.coli
Recombinant Cyprinus carpio Granulin-3 CSB-EP301441EQE E.coli
Recombinant Macaca fascicularis Interleukin-4(IL4) CSB-EP301281MOV E.coli
Recombinant Mycoplasma pneumoniae Chaperone protein DnaK(dnaK) ,partial CSB-EP301110MLW E.coli
Recombinant Mycoplasma pneumoniae ADP-ribosylating toxin CARDS (MPN_372),partial CSB-EP300476MLW E.coli
Recombinant Bacillus subtilis Uncharacterized protein yuaB(yuaB) CSB-EP300296BRJ E.coli
Recombinant Rat Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit I(Eif3i) CSB-EP007538RA E.coli
Recombinant Pan troglodytes Acid ceramidase(ASAH1) CSB-EP002169EQV E.coli
Recombinant Human Gamma-crystallin B(CRYGB) CSB-EP006018HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Histone H1.0(H1F0) CSB-EP010087HU E.coli
Recombinant Cricetulus griseus Glutamine synthetase(GLUL) CSB-EP009553DXU E.coli


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