Product Name Code Source
Recombinant Human Complement C5(C5) ,partial CSB-EP003995HU E.coli
Recombinant Rat Galectin-3(Lgals3) CSB-EP012887RA E.coli
Recombinant Human Neurofilament medium polypeptide(NEFM),partial CSB-EP015691HU E.coli
Recombinant Escherichia coli Malate dehydrogenase(mdh) CSB-EP013623ENV E.coli
Recombinant Paracoccus denitrificans Electron transfer flavoprotein-ubiquinone oxidoreductase CSB-EP007846PBZ E.coli
Recombinant Helicobacter pylori Bacterial non-heme ferritin(ftnA) CSB-EP009053HUV E.coli
Recombinant Mouse Aminoacyl tRNA synthase complex-interacting multifunctional protein 1(Aimp1) CSB-EP020871MO E.coli
Recombinant Human Heat-stable enterotoxin receptor(GUCY2C),partial CSB-BP010053HU Baculovirus
Recombinant Human Elongation factor 1-delta(EEF1D) CSB-EP007431HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Macrophage-capping protein(CAPG) CSB-EP004489HU E.coli
Recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 5A-1(HYP2) CSB-EP007573SVG E.coli
Recombinant Human Nucleoside diphosphate kinase B(NME2),partial CSB-EP015886HU E.coli
Recombinant Rat Acyl-CoA-binding protein(Dbi) CSB-EP006519RA E.coli
Recombinant Rat Pyruvate kinase PKM(Pkm) CSB-MP018072RA Mammalian cell
Recombinant Artemisia vulgaris Non-specific lipid-transfer protein CSB-EP020856AOH E.coli
Recombinant Drosophila melanogaster 40S ribosomal protein S3(RpS3) CSB-EP020443DLU E.coli
Recombinant Rat Regucalcin(Rgn) CSB-EP019630RA E.coli
Recombinant Mouse Enteropeptidase(Tmprss15),partial CSB-EP018824MO E.coli
Recombinant Glycine max Gamma-glutamyl hydrolase CSB-EP009389GGV E.coli
Recombinant Rat Apolipoprotein C-I(Apoc1) CSB-MP001930RA Mammalian cell
Recombinant Escherichia coli Ribokinase(rbsK) CSB-EP019397ENV E.coli
Recombinant Macaca fascicularis Erythropoietin(EPO) CSB-EP007743MOV E.coli
Recombinant Streptococcus pyogenes serotype M1 CTP synthase(pyrG),partial CSB-EP006176SMT E.coli
Recombinant Human Regulator of G-protein signaling 7(RGS7) CSB-EP019659HU E.coli
Recombinant Macaca fascicularis Apolipoprotein C-III(APOC3) CSB-BP001933MOV Baculovirus
Recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae Proliferating cell nuclear antigen(POL30) CSB-EP017621SVG E.coli
Recombinant Human Phosphoserine phosphatase(PSPH) CSB-EP018938HU E.coli
Recombinant Rat D-amino-acid oxidase(Dao) CSB-EP006494RA E.coli
Recombinant Human Mitochondrial import receptor subunit TOM40 homolog(TOMM40) CSB-EP024050HU E.coli
Recombinant Human NADH dehydrogenase [ubiquinone] 1 beta subcomplex subunit 10(NDUFB10) CSB-EP015642HU E.coli
Recombinant Human BAG family molecular chaperone regulator 2(BAG2) CSB-EP002530HU E.coli
Recombinant Mouse Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoproteins A2/B1(Hnrnpa2b1) CSB-EP010602MO E.coli
Recombinant Human Regulator of G-protein signaling 20(RGS20) CSB-EP019652HU E.coli
Recombinant Human ATP synthase subunitd, mitochondrial(ATP5H) CSB-EP002366HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Tumor suppressor candidate 2(TUSC2) CSB-EP025351HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Serine/threonine-protein kinase 16(STK16) CSB-EP022835HU E.coli
Recombinant Mouse Desmoglein-2(Dsg2),partial CSB-EP007204MO E.coli
Recombinant Human Sjoegren syndrome nuclear autoantigen 1(SSNA1) CSB-EP022714HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Hepatitis B virus X-interacting protein(HBXIP) CSB-EP010161HU E.coli
Recombinant Pig Coagulation factor XII(F12),partial CSB-EP007918PI E.coli
Recombinant Human Molybdopterin synthase catalytic subunit(MOCS2) CSB-EP014706HU E.coli
Recombinant Human GTP-binding protein Di-Ras3(DIRAS3) CSB-EP006907HU E.coli
Recombinant Human TGFB1-induced anti-apoptotic factor 1(TIAF1) CSB-EP023528HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Aflatoxin B1 aldehyde reductase member 3(AKR7A3) CSB-EP001551HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Ribonuclease P protein subunit p20(POP7) CSB-EP018375HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Arf-GAP with dual PH domain-containing protein 1(ADAP1) CSB-EP001322HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Death effector domain-containing protein(DEDD) CSB-EP006648HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Metaxin-2(MTX2) CSB-EP015213HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Transcription factor MafK(MAFK) CSB-BP013321HU Baculovirus
Recombinant Human Syntaxin-10(STX10),partial CSB-EP022888HU E.coli


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