Product Name Code Source
Recombinant Human Endoplasmic reticulum chaperone BiP(HSPA5),partial CSB-EP010827HU1 E.coli
Recombinant Mouse Serine protease inhibitor A3N(Serpina3n) CSB-MP835578MO Mammalian cell
Recombinant Apis mellifera Major royal jelly protein 1(MRJP1) CSB-BP522725DNK Baculovirus
Recombinant Human Aquaporin-4(AQP4),partial CSB-EP001964HU E.coli
Recombinant Mouse Acetylcholine receptor subunit alpha(Chrna1),partial CSB-EP005386MO E.coli
Recombinant Human Ubiquitin-like protein FUBI(FAU) CSB-RP018244h E.coli
Recombinant Escherichia coli Flagellin(fliC) CSB-EP300968ENV E.coli
Recombinant Human KeRatin, type I cytoskeletal 18(KRT18),partial CSB-EP012519HU1 E.coli
Recombinant Human Cathepsin F protein(CTSF),partial CSB-RP152794h E.coli
Recombinant Human Dystonin (DST),partial CSB-EP821036HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Intestinal-type alkaline phosphatase(ALPI),partial CSB-RP119894h E.coli
Recombinant Human Glutamate carboxypeptidase 2(FOLH1),partial CSB-EP008782HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Clusterin(CLU) ,partial CSB-EP005595HU1 E.coli
Recombinant Human Tyrosine-protein kinase BTK(BTK) CSB-BP002867HU Baculovirus
Recombinant Mycobacterium tuberculosis Immunogenic protein MPT64(mpt64) CSB-EP358713MVZ E.coli
Recombinant Helicobacter pylori Cytotoxicity-associated immunodominant antigen(cagA) ,partial,Escherichia Coli CSB-EP345531HUV E.coli
Recombinant Porphyromonas gingivalis Gingipain R1(rgpA),partial CSB-EP338957PQP E.coli
Recombinant Streptomyces hygroscopicus Phosphinothricin N-acetyltransferase(bar) CSB-EP321441SOO E.coli
Recombinant Clostridium botulinum Botulinum neurotoxin type B(botB),partial CSB-EP318083CLQ E.coli
Recombinant Human Myosin-9(MYH9) ,partial CSB-EP015303HUe0 E.coli
Recombinant Human Macrophage migration inhibitory factor(MIF) CSB-EP013826HUa0 E.coli
Recombinant Human Lymphocyte antigen 6 complex locus protein G6d(LY6G6D) CSB-EP013246HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Vitamin D-binding protein(VDBP),partial CSB-EP009306HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Receptor-type tyrosine-protein phosphatase C(PTPRC),Partial CSB-EP019049HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Glucagon(GCG),partial CSB-EP009315HU E.coli
Recombinant Macaca mulatta Interleukin-10(IL10) CSB-MP011580MOW Mammalian cell
Recombinant Macaca mulatta (Rhesus macaque) Interleukin-10(IL10),Baculovirus CSB-BP011580MOW Baculovirus
Recombinant Macaca mulatta Interleukin-10(IL10) CSB-EP011580MOW E.coli
Recombinant Mouse Protein Wnt-3a(Wnt3a) CSB-EP026136MO E.coli
Recombinant Mouse Muellerian-inhibiting factor(Amh) ,partial CSB-EP001666MO E.coli
Recombinant Mouse Protein S100-A8(S100a8) CSB-EP020641MO E.coli
Recombinant Human HNRNPA2B1 protein (HNRNPA2B1) CSB-EP010602HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Myelin-associated glycoprotein(MAG),partial CSB-EP013322HU E.coli
Recombinant Streptococcus pneumoniae serotype 4 Pneumolysin(ply) CSB-BP314690FMW Baculovirus
Recombinant Human Receptor-interacting serine/threonine-protein kinase 3(RIPK3) CSB-EP897497HU E.coli
Recombinant Human RuvB-like 2(RUVBL2) CSB-EP897459HU E.coli
Recombinant Mouse Protein Wnt-8b(Wnt8b) CSB-EP895748MO E.coli
Recombinant Mouse Hydroxyacid oxidase 1(Hao1) CSB-EP894819MO E.coli
Recombinant Schizosaccharomyces pombe L-saccharopine oxidase(fap2) CSB-EP892561SXV E.coli
Recombinant Kluyveromyces marxianus DNA-directed RNA polymerases I, II, and III subunit RPABC1(RPB5) CSB-EP889203KAN E.coli
Recombinant Human DNA-directed DNA/RNA polymerase mu(POLM) CSB-BP889065HU Baculovirus
Recombinant Human DNA-directed DNA/RNA polymerase mu(POLM) CSB-EP889065HU E.coli
Recombinant Calloselasma rhodostoma Snaclec rhodocytin subunit alpha CSB-EP888242CBG E.coli
Recombinant Human Cysteine-rich secretory protein LCCL domain-containing 2(CRISPLD2) CSB-BP884430HU Baculovirus
Recombinant Mouse Acetyl-coenzyme A synthetase, Cytoplasmic domain(Acss2) CSB-EP882544MO E.coli
Recombinant Human Hydroxyacid oxidase 2(HAO2) CSB-EP882145HU E.coli
Recombinant Human Acetyl-coenzyme A synthetase 2-like, mitochondrial(ACSS1) CSB-EP882105HU E.coli
Recombinant Influenza A virus Polymerase acidic protein(PA),partial CSB-EP881268IIO E.coli
Recombinant Human Putative 40S ribosomal protein S10-like(RPS10P5) CSB-EP878849HU E.coli
Recombinant Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B Quinolinate synthase A(nadA) CSB-EP878213NGG E.coli


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