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RT-PCR Primers

RT-PCR Primers

CUSABIO provides RT-PCR amplification of a particular RNA sequence requires two PCR primers that are specific for the gene transcript of interest. The primer design should allow differentiation between the amplified product from cDNA and an amplified product derived from contaminating genomic DNA. The primer used for reverse transcription affects both the size and the specificity of the cDNA produced. Four kinds of CUSABIO RT-PCR Primers are commonly used in RT-PCR, each with specific advantages.

Product Name Code Size
HBB CSB-PP010150HU 100 reactions
THOC1 CSB-PP853419HU 100 reactions
CHD1 CSB-PP005325HU 100 reactions
NFKB1 CSB-PP10354HU 100 reactions
AGO2 CSB-PP891731HU 100 reactions
FOXP1 CSB-PP008841HU 100 reactions
AKT1 CSB-PP15905HU 100 reactions
COBRA1 CSB-PP03765HU 100 reactions
SMARCA2 CSB-PP021799HU 100 reactions
SMARCC2 CSB-PP851527HU 100 reactions
APEX1 CSB-PP001900HU 100 reactions
ESR1 CSB-PP11399HU 100 reactions
HIST1H2AG CSB-PP010389HU 100 reactions
HDAC1 CSB-PP17869HU 100 reactions
p53 CSB-PP07889HU 100 reactions
POLR3A CSB-PP018343HU 100 reactions
HDAC3 CSB-PP010239HU 100 reactions
RELA CSB-PP03987HU 100 reactions
CTCF CSB-PP006138HU 100 reactions
MCM3 CSB-PP013591HU 100 reactions


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