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Polyclonal Antibody Service

Polyclonal antibody exist in immune animal serum and it can get through separate serum directly. Because of it has recognized a multiple tables, can cause aggregation reaction, precipitation reaction and other advantages, and also have a low preparation cost compared with monoclonal antibody preparation. so are widely used in immunology diagnosis field. Such as the antibodies use for the Western blotting experiment and ELISA experiments.

Item description Working days required Delivery results
Antigen tested by SDS-PAGE 1 working day electrophoresis pattern
Animal immune 60 to 70 working days
Detect antibody titers 2 working days ELISA test results
Identify the antibody specificity 2 working days WB test results
Serum preparation 2 working days 1ml pre-immune serum, 20ml immune serum

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Manual:Custom monoclonal antibody service contract


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