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Protein Identification

Western blot technical service

Western blot, also known as immunoblot, is a widely used technique in the fields of molecular biology, chemical biology and immunology. Through the specific binding between antibody and target protein from tissue or cell lysate, this method could identify protein and analyze their differential expression, refer to intensity and mobility of the luminescent bands.
Western blot has high resolution based on SDS-PAGE, also high specificity and sensitivity provided from solid-phase immunoassay. The proper use of inner control antibody could correct the deviation in sample calibration and loading. Through gray-scale value the varieties of expression level would be measured either qualitatively or quantitatively.
Experimental procedure and service content:
1.Protein extraction and concentration determination by Bradford or BCA method.
2.Protein separation by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.
3.Transfer protein from gel to PVDF membrane.
4.Membrane blocking, primary antibody and secondary antibody hybridization.
5.Visualize bands on membrane by enhanced chemiluminescent(ECL).
6.Inner control calibration and professional software analysis. Provide film/image and complete report.
7.Customer provides primary antibody or purchased through us. We afford the cost of inner control antibody. USD200/ membrane (1-9 samples), or USD84/ membrane (1-9 samples) without use of inner control.

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Manual:Protein Identification


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