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Molecule Species Code Price/Size1 Price/Size2 Price/Size3 Price/Size4 Price/Size5
acpP Staphylococcus aureus CSB-EP015636SKX $220/50μg $625/200μg $1050/500μg $1675/1mg
ACRV1 Human CSB-EP001186HU $220/50μg $625/200μg $1050/500μg $1675/1mg
ACTB Mouse CSB-RP076754m $220/50μg $625/200μg $1050/500μg $1675/1mg
AcTx-Hv1 Hadronyche versuta CSB-EP347842HAD $88/10μg $220/50μg $625/200μg $1050/500μg $1675/1mg
Adipoq Mouse CSB-RP079474m $220/50μg $625/200μg $1050/500μg $1675/1mg
AGTR1 Human CSB-YP001465HU $220/50μg $625/200μg $1050/500μg $1675/1mg
Aif1 Mouse CSB-EP001490MO $220/50μg $625/200μg $1050/500μg $1675/1mg
AIMP1(Active) Human CSB-AP002281HU $84/5μg $209/20μg $641/100μg $1127/250μg
Alpha-IT Leiurus quinquestriatus hebraeus CSB-EP322958LDS $88/10μg $220/50μg $625/200μg $1050/500μg $1675/1mg
ALPI Human CSB-RP119894h $220/50μg $625/200μg $1050/500μg $1675/1mg
ALPL Human CSB-RP119994h $220/50μg $625/200μg $1050/500μg $1675/1mg
AMH Human CSB-EP361183HU $220/50μg $625/200μg $1050/500μg $1675/1mg
AMPX(Active) Vibrio proteolyticus CSB-AP000191VCN $84/100μg $209/500μg
ANX1 Human CSB-RP134574h $198/50μg $398/200μg $798/500μg $1198/1mg
Anxa1 Mouse CSB-EP001836MO $220/50μg $625/200μg $1050/500μg $1675/1mg
ANXA2 Human CSB-RP010654h $220/50μg $625/200μg $1050/500μg $1675/1mg
AP24 Nicotiana tabacum CSB-EP320333NHE $220/50μg $625/200μg $1050/500μg $1675/1mg
apaLIM Acetobacter pasteurianus CSB-YP523812AVW $110/10μg $270/50μg $766/200μg $1288/500μg $2062/1mg
Apoc3 Mouse CSB-EP001933MO $220/50μg $625/200μg $1050/500μg $1675/1mg
Apoe Mouse CSB-EP001936MO $220/50μg $625/200μg $1050/500μg $1675/1mg
Apoe Mouse CSB-YP001936MO $220/50μg $625/200μg $1050/500μg $1675/1mg
APOJ Human CSB-RP060294h $220/50μg $625/200μg $1050/500μg $1675/1mg
aprE Bacillus subtilis CSB-EP356214BRJ $88/10μg $220/50μg $625/200μg $1050/500μg $1675/1mg
AQP1 Human CSB-RP160844h(A4) $220/50μg $625/200μg $1050/500μg $1675/1mg
AREG(Active) Human CSB-AP002641HU $84/10μg $209/50μg $248/100μg $435/250μg






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