Alb Research Reagents

Serum albumin is a protein in humans that is encoded by ALB gene. Serum albumin, the main protein of plasma, has a good binding capacity for water, Ca(2+), Na(+), K(+), fatty acids, hormones, bilirubin and drugs. Its main function is the regulation of the colloidal osmotic pressure of blood. Major zinc transporter in plasma, typically binds about 80% of all plasma zinc.

The following Alb reagents supplied by CUSABIO are manufactured under a strict quality control system. Multiple applications have been validated and solid technical support is offered.

Alb Antibodies

Alb Antibodies for Rattus norvegicus (Rat)

Alb Antibodies for Chicken

Alb Antibodies for Equus caballus (Horse)

Alb Antibodies for Horse

Alb Antibodies for Ovis aries (Sheep)

Alb Antibodies for Homo sapiens (Human)

Alb Antibodies for Mus musculus (Mouse)

Alb Antibodies for Goat

Alb Antibodies for Pig

Alb Antibodies for Canis lupus familiaris (Dog) (Canis familiaris)

Alb Antibodies for Rabbit

Alb Antibodies for Oryctolagus cuniculus (Rabbit)

Alb Antibodies for Bos taurus (Bovine)

Alb Antibodies for Dog

Alb Antibodies for Macaca fascicularis (Crab-eating macaque) (Cynomolgus monkey)

Alb Antibodies for Felis catus (Cat) (Felis silvestris catus)

Alb Proteins

Alb Proteins for Capra hircus (Goat)

Alb Proteins for Ovis aries (Sheep)

Alb Proteins for Gallus gallus (Chicken)

Alb Proteins for Equus caballus (Horse)

Alb Proteins for Oryctolagus cuniculus (Rabbit)

Alb Proteins for Canis lupus familiaris (Dog) (Canis familiaris)

Alb Proteins for Felis catus (Cat) (Felis silvestris catus)

Alb Proteins for Homo sapiens (Human)

Alb Proteins for Mus musculus (Mouse)

Alb Proteins for Sus scrofa (Pig)

Alb Proteins for Bos taurus (Bovine)

Alb Proteins for Neoceratodus forsteri (Australian lungfish) (Ceratodus forsteri)

Alb Proteins for Lithobates catesbeiana (American bullfrog) (Rana catesbeiana)

Alb Proteins for Rattus norvegicus (Rat)

Alb Proteins for Macaca fascicularis (Crab-eating macaque) (Cynomolgus monkey)

Alb Proteins for Mesocricetus auratus (Golden hamster)

Alb Proteins for Meriones unguiculatus (Mongolian jird) (Mongolian gerbil)

Alb Proteins for Macaca mulatta (Rhesus macaque)

Alb Proteins for Pongo abelii (Sumatran orangutan) (Pongo pygmaeus abelii)

Alb Proteins for Equus asinus (Donkey) (Equus africanus asinus)

Alb Proteins for Canis familiaris (Dog) (Canis lupus familiaris)


Alb ELISA Kit for Canis lupus familiaris (Dog) (Canis familiaris)

Alb ELISA Kit for Capra hircus (Goat)

Alb ELISA Kit for Equus caballus (Horse)

Alb ELISA Kit for Homo sapiens (Human)

Alb ELISA Kit for Mus musculus (Mouse)

Alb ELISA Kit for Sus scrofa (Pig)

Alb ELISA Kit for Oryctolagus cuniculus (Rabbit)

Alb ELISA Kit for Ovis aries (Sheep)

Alb ELISA Kit for Bos taurus (Bovine)

Alb ELISA Kit for Rattus norvegicus (Rat)


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