FEN1 Antibodies

FEN1 (Flap Structure-Specific Endonuclease 1) is a Protein Coding gene. Diseases associated with FEN1 include Werner Syndrome and Bloom Syndrome. Among its related pathways are Telomere C-strand (Lagging Strand) Synthesis and DNA Double-Strand Break Repair. Gene Ontology (GO) annotations related to this gene include magnesium ion binding and damaged DNA binding. An important paralog of this gene is EXO1.

Based on more than 13 years of development, CUSABIO has established a mature and efficient system for antibody preparation. The following FEN1 antibodies are manufactured under the system.
These FEN1 antibodies are featured with high specificity & sensitivity and wide species reactivity. In order to meet different requirements, CUSABIO is trying to include more antibody types (Monoclonal, Polyclonal, Recombinant, etc) and do more validations so that the researchers can break limits and discover more. In addition, CUSABIO also provides FEN1 antibody custom service in case you have specific needs for your research.

FEN1 Antibodies Catalog

FEN1 Antibodies for Homo sapiens (Human)

FEN1 Antibodies for Arabidopsis thaliana (Mouse-ear cress)

FEN1 Antibodies for Drosophila sechellia (Fruit fly)

FEN1 Antibodies for Drosophila yakuba (Fruit fly)

FEN1 Antibodies for Drosophila erecta (Fruit fly)

FEN1 Antibodies for Drosophila melanogaster (Fruit fly)

FEN1 Antibodies for Drosophila simulans (Fruit fly)

FEN1 Antibodies for Drosophila ananassae (Fruit fly)

FEN1 Antibodies for Zea mays (Maize)

FEN1 Antibodies for Ashbya gossypii (strain ATCC 10895 / CBS 109.51 / FGSC 9923 / NRRL Y-1056) (Yeast) (Eremothecium gossypii)

FEN1 Antibodies for Xiphophorus maculatus (Southern platyfish) (Platypoecilus maculatus)

FEN1 Antibodies for Danio rerio (Zebrafish) (Brachydanio rerio)


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