Nppa Research Reagents

Natriuretic peptides A is a protein in humans that is encoded by NPPA gene. Hormone playing a key role in cardiovascular homeostasis through regulation of natriuresis, diuresis, and vasodilation. Also plays a role in female pregnancy by promoting trophoblast invasion and spiral artery remodeling in uterus. Specifically binds and stimulates the cGMP production of the NPR1 receptor. Binds the clearance receptor NPR3.

The following Nppa reagents supplied by CUSABIO are manufactured under a strict quality control system. Multiple applications have been validated and solid technical support is offered.

Nppa Antibodies

Nppa Antibodies for Homo sapiens (Human)

Nppa Proteins

Nppa Proteins for Gallus gallus (Chicken)

Nppa Proteins for Cavia porcellus (Guinea pig)

Nppa Proteins for Equus caballus (Horse)

Nppa Proteins for Sus scrofa (Pig)

Nppa Proteins for Mus musculus (Mouse)

Nppa Proteins for Oryctolagus cuniculus (Rabbit)

Nppa Proteins for Canis lupus familiaris (Dog) (Canis familiaris)

Nppa Proteins for Bos taurus (Bovine)

Nppa Proteins for Ovis aries (Sheep)

Nppa Proteins for Acipenser transmontanus (White sturgeon)

Nppa Proteins for Anguilla japonica (Japanese eel)

Nppa Proteins for Rattus norvegicus (Rat)

Nppa Proteins for Oreochromis mossambicus (Mozambique tilapia) (Tilapia mossambica)

Nppa Proteins for Takifugu rubripes (Japanese pufferfish) (Fugu rubripes)

Nppa Proteins for Felis catus (Cat) (Felis silvestris catus)

Nppa ELISA Kit

Nppa ELISA Kit for Homo sapiens (Human)

Nppa ELISA Kit for Mus musculus (Mouse)

Nppa ELISA Kit for Rattus norvegicus (Rat)


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