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In order to improve your experience on our website (, this questionnaire is carried out. It's gonna take few minutes to complete it, and your suggestions are valuable and important for us. After the questionnaire is submitted successfully, we will review the validity of the suggestion within 5 working days. After the approval, the $30 voucher will be sent to your email within 2 working days, please make sure to fill in a valid email address.

Q1: Except for the information on the product pages, what other information would you like to read? *
Q2: What kind of articles would you like to read on CUSABIO website (such as experiment troubleshooting, databases, tools and target backgrounds)? *
Q3: What functions do you think CUSABIO should add to the website? *
Q4: Do you like the on-site search of CUSABIO? Can you find the products you are looking for in the search results? *
Q5: What content part do you like most on CUSABIO website? *
Q6: Do you like the design of CUSABIO website? What's your favorite website design in this industry? *
Q7: How fast are research hotspots updated? *
Very slow
Very fast
Q8: How is the site speed? *
Very slow
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Q9: How satisfied were you with your experience today? *
Q10: Any additional feedback or suggestion?