1500 Alternatives to Santa Cruz Antibodies

Free Antibody List

Product Name Code Santa Cruz Code Uniprot Size Application Apply For
ABI3 Antibody CSB-PA873732LA01HU sc-160122 Q9P2A4 50μg ELISA,WB,IHC Apply For
ARHGAP10 Antibody CSB-PA002012LA01HU sc-160139 A1A4S6 50μg ELISA,IHC,IF Apply For
ARFIP2 Antibody CSB-PA002003LA01HU sc-33212 P53365 50μg ELISA,WB,IHC Apply For
ARF1 Antibody CSB-PA00929A0Rb sc-1870 P84077 50μg ELISA,IHC,IF Apply For
AREG Antibody CSB-PA11339A0Rb sc-25436 P15514 50μg ELISA,IHC,IF Apply For
ARAP1 Antibody CSB-PA856998LA01HU sc-47796 Q96P48 50μg ELISA,IHC,IF Apply For
ARAF Antibody CSB-PA01679A0Rb sc-28772 P10398 50μg ELISA,IHC,IF Apply For
AQP3 Antibody CSB-PA13909A0Rb sc-20811 Q92482 50μg ELISA,IHC,IF Apply For
APOPT1 Antibody CSB-PA850312LA01HU sc-163810 Q96IL0 50μg ELISA,WB Apply For
APOC3 Antibody CSB-PA12197A0Rb sc-23604 P02656 50μg ELISA,WB,IHC Apply For
APOBEC4 Antibody CSB-PA823894LA01HU sc-104061 Q8WW27 50μg ELISA,IHC,IF Apply For
APOBEC3G Antibody CSB-PA001926LA01HU sc-130689 Q9HC16 50μg ELISA,IHC,IF Apply For
APLNR Antibody CSB-PA001910EA01HU sc-33823 P35414 50μg ELISA,IHC,IF Apply For
APEH Antibody CSB-PA001899LA01HU sc-102310 P13798 50μg ELISA,WB,IHC,IF Apply For
AP4B1 Antibody CSB-PA897585LA01HU sc-18460 Q9Y6B7 50μg ELISA,WB,IHC Apply For
ANXA9 Antibody CSB-PA001852LA01HU sc-104051 O76027 50μg ELISA,WB,IHC Apply For
ANXA10 Antibody CSB-PA001837LA01HU sc-70009 Q9UJ72 50μg ELISA,IHC,IF Apply For
ANP32D Antibody CSB-PA001825LA01HU sc-167090 O95626 50μg ELISA,IHC,IF Apply For
ANO4 Antibody CSB-PA653477LA01HU sc-169625 Q32M45 50μg ELISA,IHC,IF Apply For
ANKS6 Antibody CSB-PA718074LA01HU sc-162529 Q68DC2 50μg ELISA,IHC,IF Apply For
ANKRD23 Antibody CSB-PA803108LA01HU sc-161347 Q86SG2 50μg ELISA,WB,IHC Apply For
ANKRD10 Antibody CSB-PA878915LA01HU sc-83975 Q9NXR5 50μg ELISA,WB Apply For
ANGPTL7 Antibody CSB-PA001715LA01HU sc-160134 O43827 50μg ELISA,WB,IHC Apply For
ANGPTL2 Antibody CSB-PA891539LA01HU sc-107143 Q9UKU9 50μg ELISA,WB,IHC Apply For
AMT Antibody CSB-PA001684LA01HU sc-99267 P48728 50μg ELISA,WB Apply For






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