Native Proteins

Native Proteins

What are native proteins?

Native proteins are proteins in native state. The native state of a protein or nucleic acid is its properly folded and/or assembled form, which is operative and functional. The native state of a biomolecule may possess all four levels of biomolecular structure, with the secondary through quaternary structure being formed from weak interactions along the covalently-bonded backbone.

This is in contrast to the denatured state, in which these weak interactions are disrupted, leading to the loss of these forms of structure and retaining only the biomolecule's primary structure.

CUSABIO's native proteins

CUSABIO provides sensitive, high-resolution analysis of native proteins and protein complexes for molecular mass estimation and purity assessment.

Based on the blue native polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis technique, CUSABIO overcomes the limitations of traditional native electrophoresis by providing a near-neutral operating pH and detergent compatibility.

In addition, CUSABIO covers a variety of prepacked formats for native protein purification such as gravity columns, spin columns, 96-well plates, prepacked columns for use with automated chromatography systems.

Product Name



Bovine Serum Albumin

CSB-NP009501B 1g/100mg/10mg/1mg

Human Lactoferrin

CSB-NP008701h 10mg/1mg

Rat IgG Fc fragment

CSB-NP007001r 10mg/1mg

Human IgG Fc fragment

CSB-NP005401h 10mg/1mg

Mouse IgG Fc fragment

CSB-NP005801m 10mg/1mg

Streptolysin O protein

CSB-NP078041Ba 1g/100mg/10mg/1mg

Sheep Transferrin

CSB-NP008601sh 10mg/1mg

Human Casein

CSB-NP008801h 10mg/1mg

Goat IgG Fc fragment

CSB-NP005701G 10mg/1mg

Wheat Gliadin

CSB-NP004501Pl 1g

Bovine Milk β-Lactoglobulin

CSB-NP002801B 10mg/1mg

Rabbit IgG Fc fragment

CSB-NP005201Rb 10mg/1mg

Mouse Immunoglobulin G2b

CSB-NP008301m 10mg/1mg

Mouse Immunoglobulin G2a

CSB-NP008201m 10mg/1mg

Mouse Immunoglobulin G1

CSB-NP008101m 10mg/1mg

Human Retinol-binding protein 4

CSB-NP070541h 1g/100mg/10mg/1mg

Human Neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin protein

CSB-NP068341h 1g/100mg/10mg/1mg

Human Beta-2-microglobulin protein

CSB-NP057841h 1g/100mg/10mg/1mg

Bovine Immunoglobulin G

CSB-NP008001B 10mg/1mg

Human Cystatin-C protein

CSB-NP061941h 1g/100mg/10mg/1mg

Human Myoglobin protein

CSB-NP079141h 1g/100mg/10mg/1mg

Rabbit Immunoglobulin G

CSB-NP001501Rb 1g/100mg/10mg/1mg

Mouse Serum Albumin

CSB-NP000801m 1g/100mg/10mg/1mg

Rat IgG Fab fragment

CSB-NP006901r 10mg/1mg

Mouse IgG Fab fragment

CSB-NP005901m 10mg/1mg

Goat IgG Fab fragment

CSB-NP005601G 10mg/1mg

Immobilized Papain

CSB-NP005501Pl 5000UN

Human IgG Fab fragment

CSB-NP005301h 10mg/1mg

Rabbit IgG Fab fragment

CSB-NP005101Rb 10mg/1mg

Rabbit Hemoglobin

CSB-NP005001Rb 1g/100mg

Mouse Hemoglobin

CSB-NP004901m 1g/100mg

Guinea pig Hemoglobin protein

CSB-NP004801Gp 1g/100mg

Chicken Serum Transferrin

CSB-NP004601C 10mg/1mg

Rat Transferrin

CSB-NP004701r 10mg/1mg


CSB-NP004301C 1g/100mg


CSB-NP004201C 1g/100mg

Chicken Yolk Immunoglobulin

CSB-NP004101C 1g/100mg/10mg/1mg

Chicken Ovomucoid

CSB-NP004001C 10mg/1mg

Chicken Ovotransferrin

CSB-NP003901C 10mg/1mg

Rabbit Transferrin

CSB-NP003801Rb 10mg/1mg

Bovine Transferrin

CSB-NP003501B 10mg/1mg

Canine Immunoglobulin G

CSB-NP002701c 1g/100mg/10mg/1mg

Canine Serum Albumin

CSB-NP002601c 1g/100mg/10mg/1mg

Human Transferrin protein

CSB-NP002501h 10mg/1mg

Human Hemoglobin protein

CSB-NP002401h 1g/100mg

Rat Immunoglobulin G

CSB-NP002301r 1g/100mg/10mg/1mg

Goat Immunoglobulin G

CSB-NP002201G 1g/100mg/10mg/1mg

Porcine Serum Albumin

CSB-NP002101p 1g/100mg/10mg/1mg

Guinea pig Serum Albumin

CSB-NP002001Gp 1g/100mg/10mg/1mg

Guinea pig Immunoglobulin G

CSB-NP001901Gp 1g/100mg/10mg/1mg

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