Cusabio provides with small molecule Antigen so you can identify new approaches to improve study designs. Food Safety Small Molecule Antigen can be used for detection and bioactuation.

Small Molecule

CUSABIO small molecule can help you to identify new approaches to improve study designs and anticipate development challenges as they evolve. CUSABIO takes specialized capabilities and extensive resources to develop a small molecule. Combining 7 years of experience in the development of small molecule antibodies, CUSABIO holds a specific expertise in the design of small molecule carrier adducts. Based on our capacities in antigen design, we offer to raise custom small molecule antibodies against a variety of targets.

Small Molecule

Product Name Code Size

Sulfamethoxydiazine-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00412b0101 1mg

Sulfamethoxydiazine-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00411b0101 1mg

Thyroxin-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00472a0105 1mg

Amoxicilin-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00682a0101 1mg

Amoxicilin-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00681a0101 1mg

Sulfadimethoxine-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00031a0101 1mg

Thyroxin-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00471a0105 1mg

Salbutamol-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00192a0104 1mg

Enrofloxacin-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00071a0101 1mg

Sulfamerazine-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00102a0101 1mg

Chloroamphenicol-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00171a0101 1mg

The metabolite of Nitrofurantoin-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00542a0101 1mg

Enrofloxacin-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00072a0101 1mg

Sulfamerazine-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00101a0101 1mg

Chloroamphenicol-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00172a0101 1mg

The metabolite of Nitrofurantoin-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00541a0101 1mg

Sulfamethoxydiazine-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00412b0105 1mg

Sulfamethoxydiazine-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00411b0105 1mg

Sulfadimidine-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00402a0101 1mg

Sulfadimidine-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00401a0101 1mg

Ciprofloxacin-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00122a0101 1mg

Ciprofloxacin-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00121a0101 1mg

Neomycin-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00341a0101 1mg

Clenbuterol-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00042a0104 1mg

Neomycin-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00342a0101 1mg

The metabolite of nitrofurazone -OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00292a0101 1mg

The metabolite of furazolidone -OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00252a0101 1mg

The metabolite of furazolidone -BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00251a0101 1mg

Kanamycin-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00052a0101 1mg

Kanamycin-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00051a0101 1mg

Ofloxacin -OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00332a0101 1mg

Ofloxacin -BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00331a0101 1mg

Sulfamonomethoxine-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00202b0101 1mg

Sulfamonomethoxine-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00201b0101 1mg

Ractopamine-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00182b0104 1mg

Gentamicin-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00092a0101 1mg

Gentamicin-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00091a0101 1mg

Streptomycin-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00061a0101 1mg

Streptomycin-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00062a0101 1mg

Clenbuterol-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00041a0104 1mg

Sulfadiazine-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00022a0101 1mg

Sulfadiazine-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00021a0101 1mg

Gentamicin-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00092b0101 1mg

Gentamicin-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00091b0101 1mg

Ractopamine-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00181b0104 1mg

Medroxyprogesterone acetate -OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00352a0105 1mg

Medroxyprogesterone acetate -BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00351a0105 1mg

Sulfamonomethoxine-OVA conjugate

CSB-MC00202a0101 1mg

Sulfamonomethoxine-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00201a0101 1mg

Salbutamol-BSA conjugate

CSB-MC00191b0104 1mg

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