Elisa Kit For Food Safety & Drug Residues

Elisa Kit For Food Safety & Drug Residues

CUSABIO offers a wide range of diagnostic kits for food safety & drug residues in feed and food. CUSABIO develops effective solutions for the analysis of food and feed samples. The CUSABIO elisa kit are especially designed to meet high quality demands in feed and food testing focusing mainly on chemical contaminants comprising on natural and artificial contaminants. Our main lines are antibiotics, mycotoxins and hormones testing solutions. Please click here to find 8 reasons to choose CUSABIO's ELISA kit.

Product Name Code Size
Ochratoxin A(OTA)ELISA Kit CSB-EFD027449 96T
Amantadine ELISA Kit CSB-E51A 96T
Malachite Green ELISA Kit CSB-EFD027642 96T
Fumonisin B1 ELISA Kit CSB-E11104 96T
Aminohydantoin (ADH) ELISA kit CSB-EFD028242 96T
Furaltadone Metabolite (AMOZ) ELISA kit CSB-EFD028241 96T
Dexamethasone (DXM) ELISA kit CSB-EFD028240 96T
Phenylethanolamine A ELISA kit CSB-EFD028239 96T
Stilbestrol ELISA kit CSB-EFD028237 96T
Sulfadimidine (SM2) ELISA kit CSB-EFD028097 96T
Sulfonamides (SAs) residue ELISA kit CSB-E12094f 96T
Clenbuterol (CL) ELISA kit CSB-E12022f 96T
Chloramphenicol (CAP) ELISA kit CSB-E12037f 96T
Aflatoxin B1(AFB1)ELISA kit CSB-E14087 96T
Ractopamine (RA) ELISA kit CSB-E12023f 96T
Tylosin (TYL) ELISA kit CSB-EFD028231 96T
Erythromycin (E-Mycin) ELISA kit CSB-EFD028230 96T
Neomycin (NMC) ELISA kit CSB-EFD028229 96T
Salbutamol (SALB) Elisa kit CSB-EFD028179 96T
Kanamycin (KA) Elisa Kit CSB-EFD1027696 96T
Fluoroquinolones residue ELISA kit CSB-E12036f 96T
Gentamicin (GEN) ELISA kit CSB-E12088f 96T
Sulfamethoxazole (SMZ/SMX) ELISA kit CSB-EFD027641 96T
Total Aflatoxins ELISA Kit CSB-E09923 96T
Enrofloxacin (ER) ELISA kit CSB-E12035f 96T
Nitrofurazone(SEM) ELISA kit CSB-E12030f 96T
Tetracyclines ELISA Kit CSB-E12090f 96T
Streptomycin (SM) ELISA kit CSB-E12087f 96T
Sulfathiazole (ST) ELISA kit CSB-E12083f 96T
Aflatoxin M1(AFM1)ELISA kit CSB-EL027236 96T
Penicillin G(benzyl penicillin) ELISA kit CSB-E12095f 96T
Furazolidone(AOZ) ELISA kit CSB-E12038f 96T
T-2 toxin (T2) ELISA kit CSB-EFD027448 96T
Deoxynivalenol(DON) ELISA Kit CSB-E12829f 96T
Zearalenone(ZEN) ELISA kit CSB-E12830f 96T


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